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Unique Turkish floor lamps

When it comes to an enlightening item, sometimes ornamenting a place can be distress. Especially, when you need something genuine, exceptional and artistic like Turkish lanterns, Turkish mosaic floor lamps or Turkish lamp chandeliers to decor your home.  Doesn’t matter what your indoor or outdoor designing is, as Turkish Floor Lamp, have a large palette of the color mixture for your spaces.

Turkish floor lamps origin

The Turkish floor lamp is one of the old-fashioned resources of illumination in Turkish culture. To monitor its touch in history let’s get fast forward.


Light grasps a dwelling in Muslim-Ottoman culture as it does in Christian-Byzantine culture as an icon. Throughout the Ottoman era, before the extents of the electric lamp, the candle was the single and the elementary lightning device for times. Moreover that there were also torches, kindling or other inflammable tree pieces which were devoted to iron sticks. Till the 19th century the land, palace, homes, mansions were illuminating with candle, wax, candelabras and oil lamps.  Lighting was a significant sign of society and occasionally fortune.

The oil lamps were prepared in the form of glass bottles or cup molded bell jars which were drooped from a cable. Large ones were used in the fortress. The chief glass oil lamp in Istanbul is found in baths, mosques and alike spaces.

Preliminary inside the palace, Turkish lanterns are growing in time, enclosed by tiny colored glass pieces and eventually converted into diverse forms which are suitable for home and ornamental use. Turkish floor lamp took its part in today’s sphere with new elegances practices and art-deco significance. And now they are castoff for the specific feel they create.

The new era of Turkish floor lamps

Individuals grasp these splendors from all over the world. You can have them in a traditional way with consuming a tea light nightlight in it or you can select your Turkish lamp with an electronic operation.

All the colors of Anatolians and Turkish culture are now united with handy designs. They renovate your indoor or outdoor residences into a true branded living area with an exclusive grace.

Turkish floor lamps with its astonishingly colorful, natural and lifelong material textures make it feel good to have nearby.


Difference between a Moroccan and Turkish floor lamp

Firstly, the two lamps have very diverse origins, as seen on their names. Secondly, the main difference is in material particulars which are used in the scheme and making progression. Turkish floor lamps are mostly made of glass which is completed by cutting colored glass in geometrical figures and getting them composed in a distinct design. But the other one is completed of metal, and the designs are prepared with holes in it.


Having a Turkish floor lamp is the key part of Middle Eastern adornment. Since it’s not all around having a couch, recognized as Diwan, colored cushions or an eastern panache carpets… Turkish lanterns are the genuine vital part of striking and oriental fashioning.

You can have wonderful pattern designs with mosaics on Turkish mosaic floor lamps or can have amazingly beautiful Turkish lamp chandeliers.

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