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Turkish mosaic floor lamps

You can have wonderful pattern designs with mosaics on Turkish mosaic floor lamps. So, it’s superior to call the Turkish Lanterns, “Turkish Mosaic Floor Lamp”. Traditional Turkish Floor Lamps normally have the similar patterns like stars and blossoms. They are normally known as the six-point star.  The six-point star is a modest geometric shape which contains the juncture of two equilateral triangles. It’s an antique symbol and appears in several religions.

The art of mosaic


A mosaic is an art form Mesopotamia where artistes used varied color pebbles to make elaborated patterns for ordinary life. The custom endured into Hellenistic periods and was then selected by the Romans who advanced the procedure and added other basics like colored glass into the combination. After the ruin of the Western Roman Empire mosaics found an extended lasting home in the Eastern or Byzantine Empire. Over a thousand years from the 6th through the 15th eras the Byzantines hired mosaics for ornamental, religious and political resolutions to spectacular consequence.

Coloring science of Turkish mosaic floor lamps

You can have your exclusive Turkish mosaic lamp in solo color or you can select mix combinations. There are all the colors of a rainbow. The science of energy of light and colors tells that which colors you should practice for which sensation or energy. In Turkish Mosaic floor lamp series, there are the three primary colors Red, Yellow, and Blue. Then there are the secondary colors Green, Orange and Purple. More than these, there are Tertiary colors which are mixtures of the two before said.


The color of energy linked with fire and blood. And also a sign of power, passion, desire, influence, and love. Red color improves our metabolism. It also rises respiration rate and advances blood pressure.


Orange is the blend of red and yellow. The supremacy of red and joyful energy of yellow. It’s the character of the sun. It causes cheerfulness, inspiration, and accomplishment.



The color of sunlight; related to pleasure, intelligence, and attentive energy. It also has a comforting effect and gives a heartfelt sensation. You can designate this color with devotion or integrity.


The color of mother nature. Denoting the coordination of our ecosystem, lushness, and brightness of spring.


Just conceive the sky and the sea….the blue with its sentiment of profundity and insight.


Purple is the fusion of red and blue. This is where solidity and the liveliness come from. The color of royals indicates extravagance, mystery, and authority.

Turkish mosaic floor lamps as exclusive gifts.

If you are considering a special gift for a special person or a for a special beautification piece for yourself this is the right product to have. Turkish mosaic floor lamps have been holding its singular place as a relieving item for periods. Though they have infused from modern lines, these special lamps always retain their unique forms.


Turkish Mosaic floor lamps are appropriate for nearly every stylishness and they are accompaniments for every internal design. By using Turkish lanterns for your indoor or outdoor spaces, you can make an eastern touch which originates from Arabian values.

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