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Turkish Lanterns

The charmed Turkish Lanterns are done in high quality delicate antique brass. The Turkish lanterns originated separately or can be gathered in Turkish lamp chandeliers or Turkish mosaic floor lamps of beautiful parts, making any Turkish themed room a great oriental environment.

Turkish lamp Chandeliers or single Turkish Lanterns can be altered to take electricity.  The glass wholly is hand-made with distinct color variations and visual touches. The original makers only use great quality brass for the metalwork, and never compromise with the cheap iron/tin metals which are disposed to corrosion.


It’s not clear that when mosaic art was begun but one thing is definite: mosaics have played significant role in the culture of Turkey. Mosaics are main component of any historic site exposed in this area, so Turkish mosaic lamps are not only a crafty idea for a decorator had 100 years back that procured off. They are the essence of the region, embossed into the DNA of the folks from there. Mosaics are the art that is used in Turkish lanterns, in fact are such an enormous component of the local cultural legacy. Turkish lanterns are culturally and religiously originated from Turkey.


The pyramid was an architectural expression that ascended in several parts of the world whose people had no connection with each other. The pyramid constructors of Central America do not knowing that the pyramids that appeared above the Giza plateau. Similarly the Chinese building pyramid designed tombs 2,000 years ago, before there was any significant communication between the populates of the Middle East and China.

Turkish Lantern though arose only in this part of the Mediterranean world. While they were then extent through Europe and North Africa by the Romans. Now, they can be seen in every place of the world, their roots are exclusive to Asia. And so it is with Turkish mosaic floor lamps. Turkish lanterns arose directly from the Turkish crafts tradition and are a proper cultural constituent of the native people.



From exclusive bags to wristwatches to garments, sports attire and even cars all are imitated now all over the world at cheap rates to get enough market shares. Even Chinese factories create the whole thing from replica Rolls Royce Phantoms to fake ultra-mini “Smart” cars. So it’s no shock that fake Turkish crafts, including Turkish lanterns, are also pouring out of the workshops of distant countries and bargain their way onto well-thought-of retail websites. In order to be certain you are receiving the genuine thing be sure you buying your Turkish Lanterns from the most trusted websites like Amazon.


Istanbul is the center of Turkish Lanterns making. During the eras of the Seljuk Empire and the Byzantine Empire, they achieved multifarious methods of glass lantern making that permitted them to make glass goods of diverse shapes, powerful colors, and different sizes. With such material and imagination, artists adorned the walls and windows of vital buildings; objects like glasses, wineglasses and bottles; jewelry and, above all, lanterns.

The 16th century was the first-class age of glass lanterns creation in Turkey. The traineeships Ottoman artistes expounded comprised vases, vessels, flasks, mirrors, perfume bottles, lanterns and more.

Later, Selim III, in the late 18th century, endorsed Turkish glass artwork, fetched glassmakers from France so that they could explain them new glass making methods.


If you want a Turkish Lantern to beautify your home or to gift it to somebody you love, distant from going to native workshops or stores, find the supreme variety in Turkish lanterns designs in the Grand Bazar in Istanbul. This bazar is one of the biggest and crowdies in the world, with more than four thousand stores in 64 streets. There you will treasure spices, tea, Turkish carpets, pashminas and, of course, objects like Turkish lanterns.

Luckily for us, modifying the lamp turned out to be incredibly easy, and you don’t have to be an engineer with an electrician for a father to figure it all out (that being said, I’ll give you one guess which category we fell into).  But if you have reservations about making your Turkish lamp working at home, this step-by-step guide is all you need to take your boxed up lamp and turn it into the star attraction of a room!


Every Turkish Lantern is crafted by skilled Turkish artisans, many of them are 3rd or 4th peer group traders. Every lantern is a pure sample of cultural expression and guaranteed to find honor within your home interior decor. They add warmth and luxury to restaurants, bars, farms and more.

When you’re considering for the flawless item to trigger your home or business furnishings look gorgeous go for Turkish lanterns.


After you get the genuine Turkish Lantern, the next step is to set it up in your house. Mostly the Turkish lanterns do not come with all the related accessories needed to put in your home. So, you have to bear it on your own to set it up in your home to add some distinct taste of décor. You will need following accessories to make it come in working condition.

Items you will need:

  1. Low Wattage Chandelier Bulbs Size E12
  2. E14 to E12 European to American Chandelier Converter
  3. Digital Multimeter
  4. Extension wire to run to an outlet (be certain to choice the appropriate gauge size and color to exactly match your lamp)
  5. Wire Strippers
  6. Electrical Plug
  7. Wire Nuts
  8. Wire Conduit
  9. Electrical Tape
  10. Chandelier Brace (If desirable to hang)

Follow the below mentioned steps to put it altogether:

Step 1 – The Bulb Sockets

The main problem is that European lamps sockets as related to American lamps sockets are not the matching.  Turkish lanterns have a socket of 14 mm width.  American bulbs are only 12mm wide. So get the one that adjust properly to your lantern.

Step 2 – Don’t Get High Wattage Bulbs

High wattage bulbs will risk overcapacity the amperage on the wires.  This cause the wires to overheat and hook fire.

Step 3 – Alter the Cord Length and Hang

As this task seems pretty simple as you just have to strip up the wire, and have to connect the extension to the conforming wires, and then just use the wire nuts and wall plug to lock in it all in exact points.

Well, there are several guides out there on the internet on how to do hang a Turkish Lantern or Turkish Lamp Chandeliers; so I am not going to rediscover the wheel over here.  The only reference would be to get a wall plug with a big adequate opening for the electrical wire, as many be present with smaller openings, or in other case that larger gauge wires will do not rightly fit into it.

Below are some best Turkish lanterns that I found on amazon. They are affordable plus I have seen no compromise on the quality of Turkish lanterns out there. Also, all of them are with warranty assured. The selected products are below with their some features described:

1.     Gifts & Decor Ocean Blue Glass Azul Serenity Hanging Candle Lantern

  • They are Imported and A plus quality
  • Offered at lower price
  • Artistically designed in Turkish style
  • Dangling candle lamp
  • Decorative blend of metal-work and blue colored glass panels
  • Fills any adjoining with a amazing effect of light and shadow
  • Flawless for indoor or outdoor use
  • Exceptional decor item for celebrations and parties


2.     DEMMEX Turkish Moroccan Mosaic Hardwired Or Swag Wall Plug in Chandelier Light Ceiling Hanging Lamp Pendant Fixture (1 X 6.5 Globe – Swag)

  • Widespread Selection of Turkish Lamps on Amazon.
  • Handmade in Turkey
  • Mosaic Glass Pieces & Beads Glued 1 by 1 onto Glass Globes.
  • Globe Diameter: 18cm (7″). Lamp Diameter: 25cm (10″) – SWAG WALL PLUG IN.
  • 15feet Chain & Cable & US Plug & On-Off Switch.
  • Made for US Use.
  • US Plug & E12 US Socket. Needs E12 Bulb (Not Comprised).


3.     CraftVatika Metal Green Glass Star Lanterns Lamp | Hurricane Hanging Tealight Candle Holders | Lighting Decoration for Special Occasion Events Parties & Weddings Gifts-1Pcs

  • Turkish Moroccan candle lantern mounted by sleek iron hardware and stylish embossed glass details, this fashionable candle lantern sorts a stylish star design.
  • Size: 11.5 Inches Height x 11.5 Inches Length | Chain Size: 12 Inches Height | Weight: 560 Grams | Material: Metal
  • Package contain : 1 Pcs Star Tea light Holder Lantern with Green & Blue color glasses
  • Moroccan candle lantern with imprinted glass. Contains chain with hook for hanging.
  • Uses tea-light or votive size candles only. Iron and glass hanging lantern
  • Great for weddings, parties, indoors/outdoors and much more!


4.     Mosaic Chandelier,Mosaic Lamp,Turkish Lamp,Moroccan Lantern

  • Turkish Moroccan Mosaic Chandelier.
  • 100% Handmade.
  • Mosaic Glass Pieces & Beads Glued 1 by 1 onto Glass Globes.
  • Globe Diameter: 18cm (4.7″).
  • Height : Approx. 65cm (25.5″)
  • US Compatible. Uses E12 Bulb. It does not come with screws or anything else you might need to stand on the walls.


5.     Ceiling Pendant Fixtures, Mosaic Lamps, Turkish Lamps, Hanging Lights, Moroccan Lanterns, Color Glass, Size 2, Blue, Arabian Nights

  • 100% handmade
  • Innovative color glass, metal part is made of high quality metal.
  • This fashionable ottoman mosaic lamp is impeccable genuine decorative and eye-catching
  • You can CHANGE THE ATMOSPHERE OF ROOM, When the lamp is lit on, the glasses effect colorful shades
  • Ottoman style lamp, is perfect to use in any room inside or outside.
  • Globe Diameter : 7″ – Length : 18″ with USA compatible bulbs


6.     Mosaic Chandelier,Mosaic Lamp,Turkish Lamp,Moroccan Lantern

  • 100% handmade
  • Unique color glass, metal used is of high quality.
  • This stylish ottoman mosaic lamp is perfect for decoration
  • The glasses make colorful shades when lit on, ideal to use in any room or outside.
  • WIDTH: 5.5″ (14 cm) in diameter hand-blown 5 Medium Size globes with USA compatible bulbs


7.     Chandelier, Ceiling Lights, Turkish Lamps, Hanging Mosaic Lights, Pendant, Red Glass, Color Glass, Moroccan Lantern

  • Pendant Light & Lamp.
  • Hanging Glass Lamp.
  • Bulb Not Encompassed.
  • Size : 13 X 6 Inches
  • Glass material


8.     Mosaic Lamp Handmade Turkish Mosaic Glass Table Lamp Moroccan Lantern Light for Room Blue Red Lamp

  • Every mosaic lamp is accumulated a craftsman’s believed and fashioned, that means each lamp is the matchless.
  • Lampshades are joint with fresh attractive color and floral design, the space is full of Turkey style, warm red as fire, deep blue like the sea, bright green as gem, purple stylish, golden warmness.
  • Take e12 bulb and adjust to US.
  • Come with one e12 led bulb.
  • Height :31.5cm(12.4″)
  • Lamp shade diameter: 13cm(1″).
  • Safe bundle and easy fitting.



Turkish lanterns are found in different shapes and kinds like Turkish mosaic floor lamps, Turkish lamp chandeliers and Turkish stand lamps to name some few here. All of them add the oriental and luxury ambience to your home interior and exterior, your restaurant’s décor, your business locations, hotels, spas and many more places.

As Turkish history is full of excitement so the culture. Turkish lanterns are best for you if you are one of the people who have great taste in interior and exterior designing.

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