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22nd Sep

Top things to consider when selecting for Reception Halls

When you’re organizing reception halls and confronted by many decisions. It can be very intimidating for you. Many of your friends or family members send you advices. But often none of their advices work.

So you curse the fact of being one of the organizers of that event. No wonder that to select reception halls is a big responsibility.

Just one wrong move and all the blame would be on you.

In order to make sure that you don’t experience any embarrassing situations, we’re here to mention a full guide.

Consider these tips and go for selecting the best reception halls.

Wedding Designs in Reception Halls

Wedding is one big event. In fact it is one of the most challenging times too. The guests would notice everything. They wouldn’t lose chances to back-stab you after noticing the flaws.

They will notice from the kind of food you’re putting in to the entire wedding design. In order to make sure that you don’t display them your flaws, consider these key-points before booking the wedding design.

wedding design

Key points to remember

  • The theme of your catering halls shouldn’t be outdated.
  • Location of catering halls should be suitable for the guests.
  • If it’s a love marriage. Place decorative pieces to emulate the memories you both had lived in the young days.
  • Add sophisticated touches of flowers to the seating for appreciating the presence of your guests.
  • Theme songs of wedding shouldn’t be outdated.

 Conference Event Halls

Doing seminars and conferences aren’t as easy as it seems. Although you do get the idea about how many people would show up. But the quantity of guests can vary from low to high.

It is necessary to expect the unexpected when setting conference halls. So you better have some back-up plans before you act on your decision of booking the venue.

event hall

Key points to remember

  • Check that if their policy provides catering to your event. And if the food runs out? Will they instantly cope up with the incident or not?
  • Does the venue have flexible amount of linens, chairs and tables?
  • Some venues already provide the AV (audio-visual) services for your conferences. Also, some doesn’t do that.
  • Do they have crew to look after the cleanings?
  • What’s the capacity or space of the venue?

Prom Party Halls

Purpose of prom party halls is to amuse guests. A slight lacking can result in disturbing the whole enjoyment.

The entire purpose of event is to deliver pure fun to love-birds. And you definitely wouldn’t want your efforts to go to waste.

reception halls

Key points to remember

  • Do check up on the party halls or banquets’ capacity. How many guests could it easily accommodate?
  • You will find great venues on outskirts of your town. They may look outstanding and with flexible price. But before you consider them, think about the comfort of your guests.
  • Save your cost from not editing the interiors of banquets. Book the ones which are already with fascinating themes.
  • Check if the banquet offers a flexible space for parking.
  • Is the entire design according to the trend or not?

Birthday Party Event in Reception Halls

Last thing you want is to celebrate your child’s birthday with full swing. Of course, your entire focus would be to see your child smiling.

Also, the happiness of your child’s friends would make your child happy too. In brief, the more its friends will be happy – the more your child will be too.

Remember the below mentioned points so you could impress the little ones.

party halls

Key points to remember

  • Serve the little ones with small presents.
  • Hall or venue should have enough capacity where children could play.
  • Plan different games and ensure the kids don’t sit idles. If that happens, it will be the start of their boredom.
  • Decoration of the hall should be extremely fancy and innovative.
  • Hall should have the crew to cater the guests.

Business Event Hall

Deciding a business event hall requires planning. From deciding your target audience to knowing the limitations of your small meeting, they’re all necessary.

It is important to consider few essential points so that any uncertainties don’t take place.

catering halls

Key points to remember

  • Decide the business event hall after considering the amount of staff coming in.
  • Make a list that contains all the details. From the public transportations to lightening of event hall and the content which will be discussed in the meeting.
  • The business purpose should be clear.
  • Take a look at how other big companies schedule their events.



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