25th Nov

Tips on How to Light a Fireplace Gas Pilot

Light a gas fireplace is urgent with a specific end goal to encounter the glow and radiance they can give. As opposed to a routine wood consuming fireplace, how to light a fireplace with gas is usually self-beginning. Not at all like an electric fireplace, has a gas fireplace requested the utilization of a pilot light with a specific end goal to light, like a gas stove or water warmer.

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how to light a fireplace

Look in your fireplace to locate a little fire, which is known as the pilot light. In the event that you don’t see this fire, then you have to first light up the pilot before you know how to light a fireplace gas. It can start up your gas fireplace with an ease. Directions for lighting the pilot light a fireplace fire are as per the following:

How to Light a Fireplace Pilot

  1. In the event that you have an enlivening front board or barbecue on your gas fireplace, dependably take it off before lighting your pilot.
  2. Your own particular valves may be situated at the back of a board.
  3. In the event that is the situation, find this specific board and open it to get to your valves and catches.
  4. Make certain the greater parts of your controls are close off and the pilot is truly stopped.

Twofold check to guarantee that the control valve and fundamental gas valve are turn off. On the off chance that the control valve or fundamental gas valve is on. Turn it off and stick around no less than five minutes to allow any gas to clear before you proceed. This imperative stride will help you in avoiding accidents when you light a gas fireplace.


Evacuate any internal glass entryways on the off chance that you haven’t effectively done this.

How to Light a Fireplace Checking Points

Notice all around the how to light a fireplace gas?┬áTo ensure that there isn’t any gases introduce that may touch off when you begin the pilot. Try to smell close to the floor on the grounds that the gas is heavier than the encompassing air.


Ought to there be, allow the fireplace to let some circulation into no less than five minutes before you proceed? In the event that the gas smell doesn’t clear and you have check it again to guarantee that the majority of the valves are killed, you will need to call an expert to figure out whether there are holes.


On the off chance that there’s no gas smell exhibit, switch the fundamental valve on and additionally the control valve to pilot.

Push the control valve in around one fourth of an inch as you are turning. In the event that you can’t push the control valve internal utilizing just your own particular hand, telephone a gifted expert.

Try not to utilize any sort of things to attempt to press the control valve. Constraining the valve isn’t only a fire risk, yet may even prompt to blast.

Notice The Pilot;

Press the pilot valve in no less than fifteen seconds yet up to thirty seconds. Push the piezoelectric start igniter a few times. At an interim of once for every second to switch the pilot light on. Once the pilot light is turn on, a minor fire ought to show up. On the off chance that the pilot light won’t stay on after rehashed endeavors, telephone a qualified expert.


Hold the pilot valve in for 60 seconds or more keeping in mind the end goal to warm up your Thermopylae. Once the Thermopylae have been warm up, your burner will begin.

When burner is actuate, switch the control valve to on and adjust the indoor regulator to your favored settings. The indoor regulator control may be a switch in the base board, a standard light switch, dimmer, or it might be begun using a remote control.

To avoid any danger watch and follow these instructions carefully

Change the interior glass entryway, any base get to board, embellishing glass board or flame broil and guarantee it’s legitimately cinches to the front of your separate fireplace. Make the most of your light a fireplace fire!


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