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The True Turkish Lamp Chandelier

The Turkish lamp chandelier is one of the antiquated means of radiance in Turkish culture. To display its history let’s look into pages of past.

Light grasps a decent role in Muslim-Ottoman culture as it does in Christian-Byzantine culture as an icon. All over the Ottoman era, before the scopes of the electric lamp, the candle was the sole and the basic lightning device for eras. Likewise that there were also torches, kindling or other inflammable tree pieces which were dedicated to iron sticks. Till the 19th century the land, palace, homes, mansions were enlightening with candle, wax, candelabras and oil lamps.  Illuminations were a momentous sign of society and irregularly prosperity.

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The oil lamps were equipped in the form of glass bottles or cup molded bell jars which were drooped from a rope. Large ones were used in the castle. The principal glass oil lamp in Istanbul is found in baths, mosques and alike spaces.

Introductory at inside the palace, Turkish lanterns are growing in time, encircled by tiny colored glass pieces and eventually renewed into diverse forms which are right for home and ornamental use. Turkish floor lamp took its part in today’s sphere with new refinements practices and art-deco implication. And now they are used for the explicit feel they fashion.

Turkish Lamp Chandeliers Uses

High ceiling halls have a distinct part in buildings so the significance of chandeliers. It brands fascinating interiors designs for special effects features on visitors and people living there. Below are specific uses of them:

  • Easily highlight the height of the room.
  • You can use them for lightening above your dinner table.
  • Do not cause problems of direct lighting that hurts eyes.
  • When you are looking for the unique and antique chandelier, you will be able to have an option of its sister products like Turkish Mosaic floor lamps, Turkish Lanterns, Spiral Pendant Lamp, Turkish floor lamps, Wind Rose Pendant Lamp etc.

Are Turkish lamp chandelier and Arabic lamp same?


The flowers on the Turkish lamp chandelier are almost the same as the flowers in Ottoman, Arabic and Islamic work of art. From 70.000 B.C till at present, people have been exhausting the fire for lightening indoor or outdoor. As Turkish lamp chandelier or the Turkish mosaic floor lamp, both are the iconic lightening articles for times. Nowadays they are used in loads of place with loads of purpose but typically as an ambient light. Maximum lamps in Arab and Turkish lands developed their stylishness for periods.


  • Primarily used for lightening the architectural constructions.
  • Large use in ceremonies of many religions.
  • Equally used at home and workplaces.
  • The central feature of mosque decoration
  • The most iconic Islamic architecture.
  • The best part is the calligraphy.



  • The Arabic lamp is a metal molded oil lamp, shining so sunny. But The Turkish lamp chandelier has its dwelling in quietness and modesty with more colorful variants. Indeed Turkish lamp chandelier can be used in every interior designing.
  • The Arabic lamp is an oil lamp and can’t be hung.


The Turkish lamp chandelier is so fascinating to have it in your living room, drawing room, dining room or any in the big hall. Turkish lanterns in all shapes always add uniqueness in your interior as well as exterior.

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