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The Best Small Grow Tent

Internal horticulture has taken the gardening into an innovative aspect. People all around the world are displaying huge devotion in this area. So, it has become so much prevalent these days. Indoor gardening has become imaginable because of small grow tents. But there are a lot of producers and so to select the best grow tent is a vast problematic. Consequently, in this article, you will know about those incredible small grow tent which will make it easy for you to take your verdict. Those grow tents are wisely selected ones and consequently, you don’t have to concern about the value and brand.


Small Grow tents are a walled self-surviving arrangement.

Presume you want to grow cannabis or any other vegetal in your house or in your veranda, but you need to have comprehensive control over the ecological features like temperature, humidity, and light.

Or you would want to grow cannabis inside your room and want confidentiality, as in avoiding other too see it or stopping the aroma to blowout out all over the place.

Then in these circumstances, you would use a small grow tent kit. Small grow tent set up are bounded and have diverse inaugural with which you can regulate the environmental aspects such as: having lights inside the tent to make your plants raise even at night or having exhaust fans to make assured the heat inside the mini grow tent stay steady.

Advantages of using a small grow tent

  • If you are living in cold weather atmosphere and you want to grow plants in your courtyard, then things might get very hard as the cold destroys the plants. Having a small grow tent will defense your cannabis plants from situation elements like rain and coldness.
  • You may need to regulate the light levels your plants are open to.
  • Some plants incline to have the strong scent to them, having a tent will guarantee that the sweet smell of your cannabis plant stays indoor.
  • As the tent is an encircled arrangement, you must not fear about infections and insect to endow in your cannabis plants.
  • Small Grow tent normally have a contemplative material inside so that 100% of your illumination is reproduced and being recycled.

Small grow tent

  • You will be capable to govern moistness, air flow, air quality, heat, and other growing aspects.
  • They are movable and well-lit, so you can transfer them effortlessly deprived of injuring the cannabis shrubberies.
  • An effective use of space.
  • They are very energy proficient.
  • Very stress-free to setup and preserve, even for a learner gardener.
  • You can get tents in a varied collection of sizes to lodge your plant budding procedure.
  • The material used in tents is very hard-wearing, so no burden for years to come.
  • Generally, they mark your life relaxed.

Disadvantages of small grow tent:

After fine advantages, following are the major problems of the grow tent.

  1. High in price. Not all the products are high in price but when it comes to quality, they are expensive. That’s why some beginners can’t meet the expense of it.
  2. Tent Size and quality: At first you’ve to contemplate the tent’s quality and then the size of a tent, first consider your plants, their number, and size. Consider the tent’s size exactly because lots of aspects depend on it.
  3. Quality:  The tent should be made of strong steel and the frame as well too. Always consider the insider’s reflective cloth and outsider’s cloth cautiously. Try to buy the most strong small grow tent
  4. Soil or Soil-less: First, you must decide, how do you want to grow? Do you want to grow in soil or do you want to grow hydroponically? It standardizes what tools you may need for growth and which package suits you.

Types of plants you can grow in a small grow tent

You can grow a share of diverse plants in a small grow tent. It is very alike to a greenhouse, excluding it doesn’t charge you a wealth to grow substantially. Every plant which can fit right in a mini grow tent and which requests fewer space to flourish can be grown-up inside it, like fruitlets, vegetal and more prominently cannabis.

Types of best grow tent

1.     HID (HPS/MH) Tent

The HPS grow tent come with HPS and MH lamps that will give you the best light spectrum for all growth stages.

2.     LED Tent

Unlike their HID corresponding item, LED lights don’t need the same amount of gears to run. An LED grows light works great for all growth stages and is tailored for the grow tent giving cultivators the best lighting impression.

3.     CMH or LEC Tent

Ceramic grow lights pay for it. Unlike HID lights, with ceramic grow lights you won’t brawl with heat or you have to change the bulbs. Ceramic lights are brilliant for beginners. They don’t color your plants when the lights are on, and this styles adjudging plant health and seeing issues very easy.

4.     Fluorescent Tent

Fluorescent lights are very prevalent select for growing plants throughout their vegetative and seedling stage. These tents are clean and simple with soil pots and saucers for the fluorescent tent.

5.     Double Ended Tent

Double Ended (DE) HID lighting is an informal method to set up your single ended HID lighting and gives you more influential lighting systems in all surfaces.

How to choose the right Small Grow Tent

Small grow tent

Since of so numerous small grow tent producers, you will become chaotic while selecting one for you. So, here are some guidelines with some particulars which you must keep for getting the best grow tent.


Reason about how much space is available and how much cannabis you want to grow. Just pick one that accomplishes your needs.


Look whether it is Mylar lined from the inside or not, building it highly reflective from inside.

Fabric density:

The small grow tent fabric should be very dense, as this will keep insects and bug out of the tent and it will also be disposed to ripping and tearing.

Quality of the zippers:

Zipper takes a lot of rigidity in a tent, having a scratched zipper means leaving a way for light to escape.


The plant needs fresh air and sometimes cool air to sustain the temperature in control, so having air vents is vital.

The strength of the frame:

Is the frame durable? Can it last for ages? Testing the quality and make of the frame and bars is the very critical feature of selecting a good small grow tent kit.

Following are some best products from Amazon you can have. All of them are well searched, best seller and more importantly, genuine and most efficient.

1.     24″x24″x36″Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing 2’x2′ (24″x24″x36″)

Small grow tent

  • Cool grows to grow tent blocks all light from evading. On the interior, a 95%-reflective Mylar lining gives an efficiency boost to igniting setups of any power configuration. Upturn the intensity of your grow lights and retain heat to keep your grow room at the right temperature for your plants, herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables to thrive.
  • Cool grow hydroponics indoor growing tent with strong zippers and double sewing for light protection ensure durability and long-lasting use. And we use peva environmentally friendly materials, which is PVC free. 600D Thick tent material strengthened by the metal poles guarantees security and constancy. Keep grows contained, avert odors from leaking out, and stop pests from getting in.
  • Comprises an instruction for easy setup. This is a great hydroponics growing light kit system starter, whether you want to set up your indoor garden in an apartment, condominium, greenhouse, or any rented space.
  • Easy-access door unzips easily, and the surveillance window makes it easy and easy to take a peek inside.
  • If our product does not meet or surpass your expectations, the warranty is ironclad and truly hassle-free.

2.     20″ Stealth LED Grow Box With Hydroponic System

Small grow tent

  • Stealth 20″ 6 Sites Hydroponic LED Grow Box By Hellogrower®.
  • Powerful fan for exhaust and fresh air consumption.
  • Powerful Multi spectrum LED Grow Light equivalent to a 125-watt standard bulb.
  • Very low power consumption & low operating temperature.
  • 100% mylar lined – to maximize light output. Lockable – if you need extra security.
  • Very manageable and great for first-time growers.
  • Timer- makes setting light schedule simple and automatic.
  • Very low light emission – thanks to a sealed front door and shaded rear vents with an expendable carbon filter to control unwanted odors.
  • Great for first-time growers. Great for small stealth grow, SOG grows, flowers or clones.
  • The 6 Site Bubble Tub Kit Contains: 1 – 6 Quart Tub 13.75″W 8″ D 4.75″T, One – 6 Site Lid, 6 – 2 ” Net Pots, 6 – Rockwool Plugs, 1 – Air Pump, 1/4″ Tubing, 1/4″ Barbed “T” connector, 2 – Bubble Stones, and Hydrostone Grow Medium. What makes this system better than ALL the rest? 1. MORE AIR & Bubbles! Two air stones for better air distribution.
  • Overall Measurements 20″ Tall 15″ Wide 15 Deep. Shipped Discrete Box

3.     OneDeal Grow Mini Clone Box 25” x 25” x 22” Propagation Grow Tent 

Small grow tent

  • OneDeal Grow Mini Clone Box 25” x 25” x 22” Propagation Grow Tent
  • Bestseller
  • Durable
  • Easy to set up
  • Flexible and solid
  • Reflective fabric Mylar
  • Exact and appropriate size for any indoor room

4.     HTGSupply LowPro Grow Pack – 3 x 3 (39″x39″x31″) Small LED Grow Tent Kit Complete With OTD 84 LED + AutoPot Hydroponics System + Coco Coir & Nutrients

Small grow tent

  • Complete plug-and-play hydroponic small grow tent complete kit; all equipment essential to start growing indoors, professionally organized for success
  • Electrical (combined): 86 watts, approximately .71 amps @ 120 volts; all appliances plug into standard-household grounded power outlets (NEMA 5-15)
  • Kit Includes: (1) AgroMax Original Short Stack grow tent, (1) AgroMax OTD 84 LED grow light , (1) AutoPot Easy2grow 2-pot gravity feed hydroponics system, (1) 120v dual-outlet mechanical timer, (1) GrowBright thermometer/hygrometer, (1) 6″ clip-on circulation fan, (1) Canna coco coir block, (1) Canna Coco A 1-quart, (1) Canna Coco B 1-quart
  • Comes with individual equipment instructions; plants are not included
  • Overall kit measurements (max): 39.25″ long x 39.25″ wide x 37″ high

5.     Small LED Grow Tent Kit Complete with AgroMax 2×3 (36″x22″x63″) Tent + HTG Full Spectrum LED Grow Light + DWC Hydro System & Advanced Nutrients

Small grow tent

  • Contain all equipment necessary to start growing indoors, professionally configured for accomplishment
  • Electrical (combined): 178 watts, approx. 1.48 amps @ 120 volts; all appliances plug into standard-household grounded power outlets (NEMA 5-15)
  • Kit Includes: (1) AgroMax Small grow tent, (1) HTG 180w 7-Band 2.1 LED grow light, (1) pair rope ratchet grow light hangers, (1) 120v 8-outlet surge protector/mechanical timer, (1) GrowBright thermometer/hygrometer, (1) 6″ inline fan and flange kit, (1) 6″ clip-on circulation fan, (2) Bubble Boy 4 Banger 3.5-gallon DWC hydroponic systems, (1) Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Grow/Micro/Bloom combo pack, (1-liter bottle of each)
  • Comes with individual equipment instructions; plants are not included
  • Overall kit measurements (max): 22″ long x 36″ wide x 69″ high

6.     TopoLite 96″x96″X80″ Indoor Grow Tent Room 600D Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Indoor Plants Growing Dark Room (96″x96″x80″)

Small grow tent

  • 96″x96″x80″ indoor dark room modest package and free shipping
  • Vents: Rectangle vents with mesh for better ventilation and multiple vents for fan and filter output
  • Durable: Heavy duty 600D lightproof oxford cloth and diameter 19MM white paint coated metal rods and Large heavy duty Zippers
  • Reflective: 96% highly reflective diamond Mylar
  • Convenient: Quick tool-free installation 


Small grow tent has made it easy for the beginners too to make growing plants possible in indoor small spaces. They not only give you organic products at home but also become your responsible hobby. It’s possible that you have already selected your best small grow tent after reading this article, but just in case you haven’t then c’mon go for it. And start growing…

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