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The Best Grow Tents For You

A grow tent is a moveable, recyclable grow room that is made of a durable canvas exterior. It commonly has reflective interior material to upsurge the efficiency of its integral grow lights. Grow tents offer bounded space with one or more grow lights and space to grow a hydroponic indoor shrubbery. The tent system proposes insulation to hold the heat that the grow lights yield while encouraging plant growth. There are also grow tent kit led available in the market for more advanced growing. The cheapest way to make a grow room is with a grow tent.

You’ll find it much easier to:


  • Maintain the optimum climate (e.g. temperature, humidity)
  • Prevent bug infestations and diseases
  • Minimize light loss
  • Protect the rest of the room from the heat and humidity in your tent

Components of Best Grow tent kits

The best tent you need rest on what you’re growing, and what kinds of lights you’re expanding.

If you have high concentration lights or bigger plants, you’ll need bigger and taller tents.

For simple plants, clippings and seedlings, you just need a small tent.

1.     An Enclosed tent

2.     The Right Light System

There are lots of lights to choose from.

What’s A Grow Light?

A classic grow light aka lighting system is completed up of:

  • Ballast
  • Lamp
  • Reflector

Main Grow Lights types:

  • Metal Halide: Best for vegetative growth, create more blue light
  • Sodium: Great for flowering, create more red light
  • Dual Spectrum HPS: mainly for vegetative & flowering, produce both blue & red light
  • Fluorescent Lights: For propagation

Supplemental Grow Lights

Supplemental grows lights are used to broaden your spectrum.

  • Plasma: Have more wavelengths outside the PAR range
  • CDM: More wavelengths inside the PAR range than Plasma lights.

Choosing a Grow Light

When selecting a light, stay accurate about:

  • The light’s power consumption rate and your budget
  • The light output
  • How much space is vacant


3.     An Air Exchange System

Regulate your climate with an air exchange system. Plants continuously ingest CO2 and discharge dampness. Lights yield heat. You must replace stale; CO2 worn-out, hot, moist air with fresh, CO2 rich air.

4.     Extractor Fans

Extractor fans lure air out of growing room. Extractor fans are usually on for 24 hours a day when used with carbon filters for stink removal. Smaller extractor fans are classically silent, but larger ones incline to create noise.

5.     Intake Fans

Air needs to enter the room so also need to leave it too. If you have a minor grow room with only 1 x 600W light, it will be right to use a chain of vents to draw air in. In a larger room, you will need an air intake fan.

Grow Tents Care

Grow light systems are very harmless. You just need to smear common sense.

Here are a few tips:

  • Use cable ties
  • Ensure ballasts and other electrical devices don’t come into contact with water.
  • Time to time crisscross all installations, connections, and wiring.
  • Make confident that it is not reachable to children or animals.
  • Read instructions and safety information where appropriate
  • Install a fire extinguisher.
  • Always unwind extensions.


When you’ve in operation your grow room, you can start growing plants. A grow tent kit has so many benefits especially kits for beginners have made planting so easy.


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