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29th Oct

The Best Sandblasted Signs for Better Outlook

We all are quite aware of the fact that running a business requires time and investment. However, some of you might not know that to run the business smoothly it also needs promotions. Yes, promotions have to do a lot with running the business more efficiently. It allows the people nearby to get to know about the business being set up across the road. Or maybe it can help in bringing people far-flung in other cities.

But what shall attract the most people passing by your store, restaurant or whatever the principal line of business is the sign hanging outside the entrance. You can aware several types of signs for the promotions. But what is trending nowadays are sandblasted signs.

The sandblasting signs can help you in making a statement about your business. Also, the statement shall be precise about the services you provide. However, to keep up with the trend there are some elements you need to know to get the best-sandblasted sign. These elements are;

  • You should be sure of which material you want to use in your sandblasted signs.
  • Also, you have to consider the design of the sandblasted signs to make it look more appealing.

If you have to be sure about the elements mentioned above you obviously have to look into the options. The options in designs and materials being used in sandblasted signs are given below.

  • The material used in this sandblasted sign is wood
  • Moreover, it comes along with professional prints.
  • It can be customised according to your requirements. 
  • Also, it can make a perfect gift. 
  • The printing is done personally, therefore, getting the sign customised will not be much of a problem.
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  • Solid Cedar i the material that has been used in this sandblasted sign. 
  • The letters have been glided with gold leaf and all the printing has been done through hand artwork. 
  • Moreover, the top piece of this sign is painted with copper whichseems more attractive.
  • The dimensions of this sanblasted sign are  21.5 x 14.5 x 1.5" thick.
  • Furthermore, the paint lasts for a long period of time. 
  • This sandblasted sign provides antque look which is quite in these days. 
  • Moreover, you can also get it customised as a gift for your friends. 
  • Different wood textures are being used after processing.
  • It is solely hand crafted and hand-painted. 
  • After using different techniques the old darn look is given to these signs to look antique. 
  • The material used in this sign is wood. 
  • It can be customised according to your needs. 
  • Furthermore, if you are considering unique gifts for your friends then this can be the best option. 
  • The size of this signblasted sign is 6 x 12 inches. 
  • Moreover, it has been given vintage country looking by using pure wood. 
  • It is best as decoration as in interior and exterior both. 
  • To make it last longer, it has been made screen protected. So, you do not have to hesitate hanging it outside the place. 
  • This sandblasted sign is 1.5 inches thick. 
  • Also, it has been rafted on Cedar. 
  • The metallic painted gold letters is qute eye-catching. 
  • the size is approximatelt 12 x 18 inches.  

iPrivate Road Sign sandblasted cedar

  • This private road sanblasted sign is crafted on Cedar. It shall be attractive to look at. 
  • Moreover, the material used are durable and lasts for a long period of time. 
  • The background has bee painted dark forest green. 
  • Also, the size is 12.25x18". 1.5" thick.
  • For better contrast, pale green with Raw Siena inline has been used. 
  • This sign is quite unique regarding its processing and the material that has been used. 
  • It is a glass panel sign with peace sign in the center beign crafted through sandblasted process. 
  • Moreover, the sign is surrounded by semi-opaque blue-pink glass. This gives attractive look to the sign. 
  • The size of this design is approximately 7" x 7".
  • This sign has been done on recycled roof slate with hand sandblasting. 
  • The size ranges from 10 inches x 18 inches. 
  • The letters has been painted which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environment. Also, primer is used to make it last long. 
  • The color can be selected according to your needs. Moreover, four holes are drlled for convenient hanging. 
  • As the name indicates, tis sign is crafted on black plaque stone. 
  • Its size is approximately 12 x 6 inches.
  • Furthermore, you can get it customised according to your requirements. 
  • Lastly, to get two more holes drilled 10.00 shall be charged.

How to select Right Material for Sandblasted Signs?

As discussed formerly, it is important to keep the material being used for sandblasted signs in mind. Mostly, the materials used in the 21st century are of two types which we are going to detail below. After getting information about them to contemplate your decision and then go for it. As this sign is going to stay with you… your whole career.

  • Sandblasting Wood

    The sandblasting wood is quite commonly being for the design. It has been the first material that was used to design sandblasted signs. The sandblasting wood art is done by getting the piece of best wood and using primer on it. With the help of an abrasive, the ‘black mask’ is used on the best wood for sandblasting sign. Consequently, the grains of the wood are removed with the abrasive.
    There are two types of woods are being used for the making of sandblasted signs. They look trendy and up-to-date as well. So, do give them a thought.
  1. Redwood
  2. Western Red Cedar.
    These woods are soft and crafted into beautiful sandblasted cedar sign. When painted they give the best outlook and they make sure that people look at them at once. However, there are few drawbacks attached to the best wood for a sandblasted sign. They require high maintenance. As they expand and contract with the change of the season.
    The paint gets peeled off due to the moisture the wood excretes. Therefore, you need to make sure every season that the sandblasted signs remain intact throughout the year which can be a lot of work.
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  • High-Density-Urethane (HDU)

    The High-Density Urethane has been used in manufacturing the sandblasted signs from the last couple of years. They cover up all the drawbacks that we were getting from the wood. Meaning, they do not peel off the paint with the change of the climate. Moreover, they do not as much maintenance as a wood sandblasting sign does. Also, it does not attract bugs, therefore, you do not have to worry about the sign getting eaten by the bugs.
     However, this too comes with its own drawbacks. Unlike wood, the high-density urethane does not dent into shapes quite easily. A prolonged procedure is required which acquires more time. Moreover, it does not give the natural wood look.
    These are the aspects of both the material now it solely up to you which material you are eager to go for.

Difference between Carved Signs and Sandblasted Signs

Many people quite ask that, which sign they should go for? Carved ones or the sandblasted signs? The answer varies and depends on the requirements of the person purchasing it. However, to know which sign type a person should go for it is important to know what makes them both different from each other?

The materials used in carved signs and sandblasted signs are similar. However, the process of making these signs are quite different. Moreover, when coming to the design they also differ to some extent. Both the signs get Redwood, Cedar or sign foam used in it.

 Also, the procedure for making the design computerized first is also the same. What makes them different is the depth of groove style being used.

Carved Signs

As the name indicates, the letter in the carved signs is grooved in more as compared to the sandblasted signs. They are carved into the wood leaving an effect. Furthermore, their background and the logos are painted in contrast. This makes the sign look more professional and it stays for a long period of time.

Sandblasted Signs

The sandblasted signs’ logo is traced on the mask first. Then that mask is applied on the surface where it has to be printed. The sandblasted spray is used to cancel out all the negative portions. This process is done on grain wood or pebble and they both require finishing at the end. As compared to the carving signs, the logos do not carve in but they do rise up from the surface smoothly.

To make these signs (carved and sandblasted) additional elements can be added to give it a unique look. For example, adding gold leaf to the logo or adding full-color graphics. Moreover, you can also add the extra element by raising the letters and logos to give it more like a three-dimensional look.


Getting sandblasted signs can always be the best option for getting the customers attention. However, there are certain rules and elements which need to be followed in order to make sure that the customers do give attention. Sometimes people ask us, why have a sandblasting sign is so important? Well, the answer goes like this. 

Every business needs promotion of the services you provide. These promotions help the people to get aware of your business and give attention to your workplace. But the quite here arises how to get the sandblasted sign which surely grabs their attention?

To make the sign look pleasing enough you got to be careful of what you get designed for your sign. From designs to colors and fonts, everything should be given lots of thoughts and then finalize the design.

However, to cut the chase short, we have given the guidelines above for you to decide what shall be the best. Moreover, some other important information has also been given for your better understanding. So, do check the guideline out.

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