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Plastic Free Glass Diffuser

You must have heard that essential oils must not be contained in plastic containers. Plastics are not good for our planet and so for our health. Then you must be thinking that if they are not good for us then why producers are making plastic diffusers? Even you need a glass aromatherapy diffuser. This is the fair question that leads you the towards a plastic free glass diffuser. We are going to discuss the following points in this article:

  • what types of plastic are usable with essential oils
  • why you should not use plastics with essential oils
  • Real glass diffusers

Essential oils and plastics:


Undiluted essential oils should not be kept in plastic bottles. Preferably, your essential oils must be warehoused in a dark glass bottle to protect the oil essence. The dark glass guards it against variations triggered by light.

When you watered down essential oils, glass is no longer needed for storage because there is only 1-2% essential oil application in the complete product.

Further, if you need to store diluted essential oils in a plastic bottle, you must go for PET plastic. You can recognize PET plastic merchandises by the recycling symbol #1.

Maximum essential oil diffusers prepared of plastic use about 5-10 drops of oil in 150ml of water. When you deliberate that a 1% dilution is 6 drops per 30 ml, you can see that 5-10 drops in 150 ml are about a .20% dilution.

So, when you use a plastic built diffuser, you will need the plastic that is PET. Always make sure that you follow the suggested dilution procedures for your diffuser. When you will follow this, your solution will be very dilute and never damage the plastic.

A serious note: Many producers’ especially show carefulness against using citrus oils in their plastic diffusers. If you dilute correctly and clean your diffuser habitually you should be able to get away with using citrus oils in a plastic diffuser. To be perfect, you may cancel your producer’s guarantee by trying this, but I have diffused a lot of citrus in an ultrasonic diffuser and two years later it quiet works satisfactory.

Finding Real Glass Diffusers:


When you are probing for a glass diffuser, you may notice that many diffusers are glass on the outer side but the compartment for the oil is still made of plastic. This is typically true of glass ultrasonic diffusers. But, this shouldn’t be an issue because these diffusers use oils diluted in plenty of water. If you are interested in a glass & plastic ultrasonic diffuser, follow glass aromatherapy diffuser and glass diffuser light led.

And if you want a diffuser that is actually made of glass, you must go for nebulizers or inactive diffusers.


As plastic is toxic for the human being. And while the point is to get essential oils benefits, then never choose a plastic diffuser as it will reduce the essences of essential oils instead always choose plastic free glass diffuser or a glass aromatherapy diffuser.

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