Luxury Interior Design For Living Rooms And Bedrooms

Luxury Interior Design is coming to grips with one’s original lifestyle, one’s real place in the universe. Rooms should not be put together for showpiece but to feed one’s well-being.” -Albert Hadley

luxury interior design

Interior Design

It’s the creative work done to enhance the interior in order to achieve pleasant and healthy environment. There are many skilled interior designers who coordinate, plans, researchers and manages such projects.  The luxury interior design is a talented professional that involves:

  • Site inspections
  • Theoretical expansion
  • Gap planning
  • Programming
  • Investigate
  • Measuring square foot construction management
  • Communicating with the stakeholders of a project
  • Implementation of the design


best luxury design

The tradition of interior designing has been in trend since past such as in ancient times of India, the architectures used to work as interior designers. The sculptures and ancient texts of the 17th century still look amazing as a part of interior designing. Throughout the 18th century, interior designing was the concern of homemaker who would advise on the art and craft style of home decoration.



It can be defined as a technique of design and construction of interiors related physical features or the art of designing and building interiors as an approved designer and connected bodily features. Architecture is also used as a general term to describe building interiors and related physical features.

 Luxury Living Rooms

Luxury living room

A living room is a common room where we spend our most of the time. Spending time in a particular area should make that time relaxing and comfortable. In this article, you will find various types of living room with luxury interior designs and furniture.

 Items in a Living Room

Luxury items make a house into a home. However, there should be a good and antique collection in order to decorate a luxury living room. Below are some major appliances or items which are essential for the living room and if you have enough money to get these decorations and stuff inside your living room.

Firstly, make the desired theme in your mind by starting off from wall paints which may involve modern contemporary styles, glitter walls or they could be warm tones.

Secondly, before pulling in any sort of furniture inside the room, you need to measure the length and the width of the room and space than bringing in the furniture accordingly.

So the living room appliances involve:


couch for luxury living rooms

The usual size of the living room couch is for 2-3 seaters but here we are talking about luxury living room ideas.  So in that case,  the L shape sofa would just look WOW. Afterwards, add some additional colorful chairs alongside with couch for more people to sit comfortably. Some contemporary couch can be placed in the luxury living room.

Coffee Table Coffee tables for luxury living room

This majorly serves the centerpiece of the room, on which you can place magazines, food essentials, coffee\tea, newspapers, books, television and AC remotes etc

However, there are some unique Italian designs of coffee tables which are highly preferable in luxury living rooms. They may be handcrafted, made from solid wood, contemporary etc.

Moreover, there are some bars and counters which are also preferable in luxury living rooms.


Nowadays, there is an advanced technology fireplace such as an electric fireplace. A contemporary fireplace is most stunning fireplaces designed by architectures.

These type of modern fireplaces creates inspiration suitable for both traditional and ultra-modern interior. Many other custom made fireplaces are also involved in order to meet your preferences.


As new technology came across, many new televisions in the market are launched which have various of new features which are affordable. In decorating luxury living rooms and luxury interior design, there are some special televisions which contain advanced technology such as one of the topmost luxury television involves Stuart Hughes’ Prestige Supreme Rose Edition worth $2.26 million.

  • Add embellishments

Other smaller things are also involved in living room décor in luxury interior design include:

  • Find artwork for the walls
  • Decorate your mantelpiece with figurines
  • Candles
  • Picture frames
  • One or more lamps to provide additional lighting

Luxury Bedroom Interior Design

Same is the case with bedroom decor they should be decorated according to the theme, However, there are some rules and regulations which should be followed if you really want a rich look.


Lighting, however, creates the first impression of a luxury interior design they should be able to go dim and sharp in a luxury house plan and these luxury lights may involve: HD couture, Capel, Angelo home, Feit etc

Wall Paint

Classy wall paint for luxury bedroomsContrast matters a lot. If you have selected dark walls than go for light tone furniture and add shine to them. Nowadays as tradition has been changed, wallpapers are in trend. However, whereas bedrooms are concerned Glimmer peacock fabric looks classy. Also, Marella plaster by Ralph Lauren also looks damn classy in bedrooms.
Light paint makes a room look huge:

  • Warm colors are the origin to produce a glow from the room.
  • Fresh colors make a calming effect.
  • Cool colors are optional to be used in bedrooms.
  • Warm colors express power and togetherness.
  • Cool colors cause a fresh and calming air to surround its region.Accessories and antiques:


Mirrors on the wall make the room look bigger without any artwork. While creating luxury home décor, huge size mirrors would not be a bad option. However, paint their frames with similar color and set them on the wall in the same put.The appearance will be prearranged without feeling messy.


The rug or carpet of a room donates an important piece of a worth of a home. It is often the initial obsession you notice while walking into the house. It is a middle attribute for public places such as the lounge or dining room.Below are most expensive and comfortable rugs which you could purchase in order to create luxury interior design:

  • Ziegler Mahal Carpet
  • Isfahan Carpet
  • Mohtashem Kashan Carpet

 Luxury Interior Design Curtains

curtains for luxury interior design

They are the shape of window management which could be most excellently seen in daylight and looks gorgeous in darkness. All depends upon the pattern of the curtains which should be contrasted along with the theme of the room.
Most of the luxury curtains involve:

  • Austin Hons classics
  • Fino Lino linen and lace
  • Isabella collection by kitty
  • Dimensions add elegant and luxurious look in-house
  • Molding maintains the spacing balanced and artistic.
  • Molding creates a paneled appearance which illustrates attention to firm areas of the room.
  • Extensive molding is improved than thin as it radically improves the appearance of your home


 Interesting Facts About Bedroom Decor

  • The primary mattresses were prepared from the pods that cover up peas. After the period of time, they became more and more visualize and coverings of velvet and costly silk was fashionable among the prosperous.
  • One of the former beds invented was not so humble a piece of furniture. In reality, it was quite huge and much larger than you could possibly visualize. Quantifying in at an enormous 5.48 meters by 3.65 meters lengthy, this bed could lodge as many as 65 people.
  • The origin of headboards dates rear as far as primeval Egypt. In that time, headboards were carved in ebony, gold, and silver and were meant more for show than for sensible use.
  • The earliest wardrobe was an upper body that finally became a room in palaces and castles filled with closets and lockers. Today, wardrobes are known as armories and have doors, shelves, clothing bars and even drawers.
  • Waterbeds were very well-liked in 1960 and airbeds were a vast victory in the 1980s as a way to take the force off of the body.
  • The first loop scheme mattress was invented in 1865 and it became original. This opened the trail for more contemporary mattresses that are obtainable today.
  • The first fixed sheet was made-up by Bertha Berman in 1958, but it was only in 1990 that the Gisele Jubinville’s description grabbed the mattress.
  • According to the morality of fenh Shui, you should not put your bed in front of the door of your bedroom and the feet of your bed in straight line with the door.

I hope this article would be helpful in designing your home. Thank you for reading the article. Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to share.

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