Lantern Tree
17th Sep

Lantern Tree

Embellished lanterns are made in many shapes and sizes. They are used for decorations during celebrations normally. But, have you ever observed a lantern tree adorned with little hangings of light, laying a magical effect on you? Many Chinese festivals use paper lanterns during the celebrations. For example, For the Ghost Festival in China, numerous lanterns in the shape of the lotus are positioned in rivers as figurative directors for the souls of the descendants. Also, during the Lantern Festival, there is a tradition of lightning countless paper lanterns to spot last day of the Lunar New Year celebration. During these Chinese festivities, you can see sky lanterns floating in the sky too. It is also identified that early Chinese used to hook fireflies, put them in the birdcages or containers and used them as outdoor lanterns. Nowadays, hanging solar tree lights are in latest fashion.

What is a lantern?

Lantern Tree

A Lantern is a device used to illumine immediate area. It can be transportable or stationary at a place. It can be castoff as any type of a light source, for signing, ornament, in religious ceremonies or in festivities. They are principally a source of light like the candle, wick in a fuel, encircled in a vessel that guards the fire so the breeze would not put it out but light can permit throughout. It can be prepared from the diversity of materials and metals from non-flammable to inflammable.

Back Era of lanterns

Lanterns were principal stated in the written documents by Empedocles of Argentum and by Theopompus, a poet from earliest Greece. There is also proof that other cultures have also used them, like Egypt and China. In ancient China, they were made from paper, silk or even animal fur while structure used to be made from wood and bamboo. Humblest lanterns use candles as a light source. The candle is, normally, sited in a tin box with glass panels and holes on the top so candle can catch oxygen.

Also, lanterns for daily were prevalent since the 1700s, until electric light old-fashioned them. At first, lanterns were iron carriers with plenty of wood knots, which were dangled from poles and retained lit throughout the night to lighten the crossways. They were further changed by oil lanterns that used elephant oil as a fuel and after that, gas lanterns. Transferable lanterns used kerosene as fuel and can still be found in use everywhere. They use wick as a light source.

Today, frequently electrical lanterns are used, either for enlightening streets or houses in secure disparity or for moveable use. Batteries and accumulators power portable electric lanterns can be recharged from the grid-iron or by solar energy or generators. They are very suitable for emergency conditions, like for camping and in emerging countries where electrical current is not within reach or is too luxurious. Electrical lanterns use glowing electric lamps as well as fluorescent and in particular, cases LED lamps.

As much as they signify a past era, lanterns are still alive in some ceremonials, in some design styles and in its replacements – electrical lanterns.

Why Were Lanterns Invented?

Lantern Tree

As already discussed, the real use of lanterns was as a light source. They were used both inside and out to deliver a dappled light. The defense from wind is delivered by the pretty silk or paper shade reserved the lanterns from going out with the wind.

How Are Lanterns Used?

In early China, they were used to deliver light and finally as parts of Buddhist worship. Today, they are used for beautification and contemporary practices of celebration. Especially, at outdoor as tree lanterns. Lantern tree is very mesmerizing to see and add value to your garden or outer spaces of the home.

From where do The idea of lantern tree come from?

You will be surprised to know that from where the idea of a lantern on trees came from to the designers. Actually, lantern tree is a tree from China and Chile. Dangling like sweet little skirts on a tree, the flowers of Chinese lanterns are surely a sight to observe. Their subtle, lantern-like flowers bloom in spring and continue through to autumn, plentifully covering the beautiful branches in joyful single and bi-colored shades of red, orange and yellow, as well as white, pink and lilac.

How can you grow them?

This fast developing shrub can be 1.5-2m tall, even though there are dwarf forms too that grow less than 1m high, so, perfect for enclosures and balconies. A number of variations of Chinese lantern tree are accessible. All grow glowing in the garden or pots and are a high point for every courtyard. You just have to consider the following points for some natural lantern tree in your home.

Climate: Chinese lanterns can bear light to moderate frostiness when established. They grow nicely in colder to moderate areas.

Soil: it needs Rich, humid, well-drained soil.

Water: Provide everyday watering, do not allow the soil to entirely dry out between watering. Also do not flood them yet. You might requisite to upturn watering in summer, but water cautiously in winter.

Fertilizer: Feed yearly in spring and autumn with a measured discharge fertilizer.

Types Of Lanterns

Lantern Tree

There are three main types of lanterns.

·        Hanging Lanterns

The most common type of lantern is the hanging lantern. These decorative lanterns are hung in both homes and open. In metropolises and in country areas, you can see lanterns embellishing street lights and community buildings. Numerous homes also put a few attractive lanterns in their windows, particularly during carnivals.

  • Flying Lanterns

You can see an exceptional kind of flying lantern is freed into the night skies. These flying lanterns are pushed by rising hot air produced by the flame within. They are extremely stunning to watch and are often released in large groups for additional eye-catching consequence.

·        Floating Lanterns

This range comes in many diverse shapes, like the lotus design. They start burning and put traveling in large groups to generate a striking sight on the water.

Lantern tree ideas

  • Entertaining Garden
  • Battery Powered Perfection no need of wires
  • Comfy Courtyards
  • Light Shelters
  • Arch & Gazebo Lighting
  • Garden Party Stimulation
  • Setting the ceremonial Scene…
  • Making great moments

Below are some chosen products for your convenience, give them a try and start enjoying the fairy tales in your garden.

  1. Allsop Home and Garden Solar Tea Lantern, Handblown Glass with Solar Panel and LED Light, Weather-Resistant for Outdoor Deck, Patio, Garden, Wedding, Saffron, 1-Count

Lantern tree

  • Handmade glass with high-quality weather resilient design for outdoor use. Each unit is hand blown and exclusive
  • Solar lanterns charge by day and radiance at night (with the full charge, glow for 4+ hours), place in through sunlight for best effects
  • Solar Panel with LED bulb – rechargeable battery, all parts are replaceable
  • lanterns carry one (1) year warranty
  • Comes with the handle for hanging or can be placed on a table, deck, patio, or in the garden
  • Alsop Home & Garden founded the ‘solar garden art’ conception and proposals higher products with warranties


2.     Maggift 2 Pack Hanging Solar Lights Outdoor Solar Lights Retro Hanging Solar Lantern with Handle, 4 Lumens, White

Lantern tree

  • Finished of iron (white finish) and plastic, decorative light, the light is delicate and lenient, the ambient glow plugs the area with serenity and attractiveness, pastoral looking style hanging solar lights can be as a sufficient landscape accessory.
  • 2 Pack, the warm white LED is 4 lumens (3x) for extra brightness. Measures: 6×6×6.7 inches. The surface of the lantern is consciously designed as an antique effect
  • Powered by solar, the lanterns automatically turn the lights on at sunset and off at dawning, keep energy.
  • Can be hung on porches, trees, or rested on a tabletop, ledge. Add grace and color to your yard, porch or outdoor space with this stunningly crafted solar powered lantern.
  • Perfect for Christmas.
  • Each lantern comprises 1×AA 400mAh NI-MH battery when getting plenty of sunlight, the lantern will be turned on routinely and can last for 8 hours.
  • 180 days product warranty
  1. Solar Flame Lights Outdoor Hanging Lanterns Garden Decoration Light Landscape Lighting Solar Powered Umbrella Tree Pavilion Light for Patio Yard Pathway (2 Pack)

Lantern Tree

  • 2018 Innovative Solar Flame Lights, with modernize, LED chips, more steady, more lovely and looks like the real glancing flame, the best adornment light for your garden, yard, pool, pathway etc.
  • High-quality ABS plastic material, 99 LED, IP 65 Waterproof rating, appropriate for all varieties of weather, hang it out all year.
  • The high effective solar panel, built-in 1500mAh rechargeable battery, automatic charging at daytime for 8 hours, and automatically on a weak night for 8 to 10 hours
  • The Hanging Light as well as a clip and a chain, hang it on a tree, place it on a fence, anywhere you like.
  • We offer 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty and 30 days no-questions-asked return policy.


  1. Juegoal 30 LED Pineapple Solar Lights Solar Powered Garden Lights Outdoor Decor Hanging Lantern for Garden Patio Path Home Party, Warm White, 2 Pack

Lantern Tree

  • Solar lights with pineapple charming shape carry a calm, warm, enjoyable atmosphere at night. Decent design for ecological protection and energy saving.
  • Flexible Use like Veranda, Wall, Bedroom window, Porch, Yard, Dating, Beach, Path, Garden, Indoor Outdoor
  • Full charge within 6-8 hours.
  • Long working time, could last light up to 10 hours
  • IP45 Waterproof &Dustproof


5.     LED Decorative Lanterns Flame Lights Dancing Flame Indoor and Outdoor Hanging Lanterns Lights Decoration Lighting Lanterns Night Light for Bedroom Garden Patio Yard

Lantern Tree

  • The flame lamp looks like a real flame; the warm yellow light forms a warm atmosphere. This lambent flame effect can replace the candles to complete the family’s warm atmosphere.
  • Powered by the battery and does not need wires, just need 3 AA batteries. With high-brightness low-power circuit board, warm candlelight can last 48 hours or more.
  • There are a total of 3 modes, flame mode+ always-on mode+ breath mode.
  • Easy to install, the lamp top is furnished with a circular ring
  • The flame lamp has an always-on light mode that can replace the small night light and become a good chum for your sleep.
  • “Birds and Flowers” two patterns have their own appearances, appropriate for indoor and outdoor festivals, Christmas, parties, and weddings and other occasions, perfect decorative lanterns…


6.     Solar Lanterns Outdoor Hanging Upgraded Waterproof Sunwind Solar Metal Decorative Table Light 2 Modes Steady on and Flash with 30 Warm White LEDs Copper Lights

Lantern Tree

  • Needs no wiring or operating costs. Repeatedly turns on at dusk for up to 8 hours of nighttime lighting;
  • Resilient metal construction with real glass, survive various outdoor weather conditions
  • Vintage style, Magnificent copper wire with 30 warm white LED, makes your surrounds dreamy.
  • Size: 5.4″(D)*11.4″(H) Sits on any surface, or can be hung using the combined hanging loop
  • Energy-saving and Eco-friendly without tormenting environmental contamination.
  • Includes 1 RAA 1.2V 400mA Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery(Pre-Installed)

7.     Homeimpro Solar Lantern Hanging Outdoor Warm White LED Garden Lights Metal Waterproof Table Lamp Decorative

Lantern Tree

  • Charges during the day (ensure the switch is in “ON” position) and turn on inevitably at night for up to 8 hours when fully charged.
  • Measure:7.48”Dia.x7.08”.
  • Made of heavy-duty stainless steel. Great for beautifying your pathway, lawn or courtyard.
  • Weather resistant feature of the garden solar lantern guarantees long-lasting enactment under different weather conditions.
  • 7 lumens super bright LED. The reflection of the pattern is beautiful and generates a romantic atmosphere.
  • Refund or replacement within 180 days.
  1. Solar Lanterns Outdoor Hanging – Sunwind LED Garden Table Lamps Solar Powered Edison Filament Bulbs for Patio Backyard Courtyard Lawn Landscape Decor (A60 Filament Bulb)

Lantern Tree


  • Vintage lantern body, brief pattern design with in-built warm white LED thread bulb surge a warming glow and adorn your beautiful life with more romantic ambiance and show your delicate taste to your visitors.
  • 2-Pack hanging solar led lanterns turn on automatically when dusk falls.
  • Features On/Off switch. Powered by solar light, charged by sunlight during the day
  • Truly Eco-friendly and environmental-friendly!
  • All Weather Resistant, Black baking finish on iron lantern prevent the lamp from rust.
  • Return within 30 days


To inspire and refresh your outdoor lighting design, lanterns tree are the must. You can choose from paper lanterns, outdoor lanterns and hanging solar tree lights. If you are a fan of elegant fairy lights to set the mood on or looking for more innovative lighting ideas, I have listed a number of ambiance lanterns above for your ease to brighten up your garden and inspiring a relaxing shelter for the perfect alfresco of your home at night.

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