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21st Sep

Interesting ideas for Funny Photo Booth

Suppose you’re at wedding or any other function and finally everyone is ready for a memorable picture. A funny photo booth maybe! Considering the situation, how will you pose if you aren’t a creative person?

Camera-man would want you to come up with interesting poses. And in response to his requirements, you may end up making the silliest styles.

You need to think outside the box if you want people to admire your funny photo booth.

If you want your pictures to get a spicy touchup! Take a look at our interesting funny photo booth guide.


Don’t be afraid to think out of the box!

Occasions come rarely in a year. So when it’s this time of a year, live your moments to the fullest. Give detailed time to thinking interesting ideas. And don’t seize yourself from thinking out of the box.

“Forever is composed of nows.”
― Emily Dickinson

Funny photo booth pictures are all about craziness. Be crazy and innovative! That’s when the coolest photo booth pictures will emerge.

Interesting innovative poses:

  • Make the same exact faces when picturing different takes for your photo booth pictures.
  • Pretend as if you’re getting blown away from a hurricane or something.
  • Act as if you don’t care about the picture because you’re too busy in the cell-phone!
  • If there are group of photos being taken, convey a single message by combining all the pictures of group. Each click of the group should have a part of that message. For example, “Will….You……. Marry…… Me”, all four words should be in different clicks!

funny photo booth

It’s okay to be a bit little weird – Wedding photo booth!

And all those finest years, you will spend with her. One day you will definitely want to take out your wedding photo booth album and see some astonishing poses.

“Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility” – Anne Hathaway.

Your wedding photo booth album should display never-ending feels of love.

Interesting lovely poses for weddings:

  • Pick her up in the arms and pretend to yell about how much you love her, if picture booth
  • With your bride, wink to the camera.
  • Go on your knees and pretend to propose her.
  • Ask your bride to blow you flying kisses, and you pretend to catch them.
  • Let your girl to pull you towards her from your tie and you style as you’re drooling over her!


Follow this video to make your wedding shoot an exceptional experience.


When you find a good pose – stick with it!

Discover the kind of poses that fit best on you. And when you find them? Stick with them.

Although capturers would guide you, saying you should go with this or that style. But you should be able to know about what poses suit best on your personality.

Interesting poses you can try according to your personality:

  • If you have a lazy and unfunny attitude, don’t worry because you can still be funny – at least in your picture booth you can. Close eyes and make a lazy expression on face. Capture a simple booth as accordingly with your nature. It will look funny in its own way.
  • Come up with weird expressions if you have a funny attitude. Pull your tongue out and be as weirder as you can.

 Spice your photos up with the use of props

Be creative and use various props to make your photo booth album more meaningful.

Props you could try:

  • You can go with props like writing boards. With writing boards, convey messages to the ones who’d catch sight of your photos later on. Funny notes for example, “Hey yo! Why you lookin at my simple booth of photos?” can do well though.
  • Pick statues, stuffed animals or any interesting objects you find in the hall and use them as props.

Important instruction: It usually happens that even with props, pictures don’t look as funny. It is because of lack of creativity.


Photo-bombing is cooler than you think!

Although it pisses you off when someone disturbs the feel of your photo but it still look funny.

While you’re capturing your moments, ask someone to photo-bomb your picture on purpose.

Bring an extra person in the picture. Assign his duty to do as silly as he can to make the booth look extremely hilarious.

How to photo-bomb a picture to make a funny photo booth!

  • He could add funny touch ups in the picture with having something silly like artificial mustache at its upper lip.
  • Or peace signs can do well too.
  • Thumbs up can be made as well.
  • He can put his fists out and pretend as if he’s
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