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How glass ultrasonic diffuser are better than any diffuser?

When you are looking for glass aromatherapy diffuser that is plastic free glass diffuser, and then always choose glass ultrasonic diffuser for best results. The glass diffuser light is also available in market but go for them only if you also want light luminary in your room. The most active mode of dispersing perfumed magic in the air is with the help of an essential oil diffuser. And best of essential oil diffuser is glass ultrasonic diffuser.

There are two most common types of oil diffusers that are either ultrasonic or nebulizing. Glass Ultrasonic diffusers generate cool vapor of water and essential oils. So, they moisten the air. In the meantime, nebulizing diffusers atomize wholesome essential oils, and create a concerted steam.

What are Ultrasonic Diffusers?


Ultrasonic diffusers necessitate water and very small amount of essential oil to function. They make a cool and fragrant spray that moistens the air. The humidity is very valuable if you are living in a dry atmosphere, or if you have respiratory infection. On the other side, you may do not want to enhance more moisture in the air if you are living is already humid area.

As reality, ultrasonic diffusers work very silently. They are less costly than nebulizing diffusers in both cases, initial cost and with the quantity of essential oil they use. You just need 3 to 5 drops of essential oil for every 100mL of water. And above, ultrasonic diffusers are more powerful to cover a bigger area.


Using high frequency of vibrations as an alternative of heat and preserving the therapeutic qualities of essential oils.
Producing negative ions as small as 0.01 microns that fight contaminant air filters cannot, such as bacteria, dust allergens, viruses, etc.
Alleviating colds/flu blocking, moisturizing dry sinuses, moisturizing dry skin, eyes, and lips logically.

Are Glass ultrasonic diffusers are best when it comes to conserving the oil benefits?

They may seem expensive to you at once, but they’re a good asset. If you take care of them properly, it is a device that could last for years. And it also benefit your health and mood.

How glass ultrasonic diffuser work?


The technique which a glass ultrasonic diffuser utilizes is creation of electronic frequencies. These frequencies create a small disc under the surface of a liquid typically water, to vibrate at a very fast. These ultrasonic vibrations breakdown the essential oil into micro particles and disperse the oil into a reasonable vapor. These tiny particles are easily captivated by the lungs for therapeutic effect on the human health.

Although the conversion of water or other liquids into vapor usually needs heat, the conversion liquids into vapor is done through an adiabatic process, which means the “change in state of the liquids without using any kind of heat energy”. 

Pros and cons of glass ultrasonic diffuser


  • Humidifies the air.
  • Conserves oil.
  • Less costly 


  • Very little amount of essential oil is diffused.
  • Normally requires cleaning more often.


Essential oils have an established encouraging impression on human health. For instance, aromatherapy can release anxiety, recuperate brain role, and speed up curing. You can avail all these benefits of essential oils if you have glass ultrasonic diffuser with you.


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