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18th Sep

Design House with the Best Interior Design Examples

It can be pretty tough to design house sometimes. When you’ve already got many extraordinary designs placed in the list to choose from, it isn’t easy to select the design which could be best suitable for you.

The competition is tough and while selecting, you may end up in opting the outdated design. However, after considering this issue, we’ve finally brought a conclusion to this problem.

Check out these outstanding real life examples to design house of your own. They’re less complex, modern and displayed exceptionally.

Make an act to design house easy after observing these best interior design examples;

Mid-Century Home – Old-school trend

Since time-machines aren’t created yet, this design takes the responsibility of delivering you the charms of late 90’s. We’re talking about floor plan, vaulted ceilings, exposed beams and a pinkish Cadillac standing outside the house.

Gordon Nichols used to design homes with this concept. This trend is named as Smith House, he built it in 1954.

Features of this designer homes

  • The kitchen contains original cabinetry. It also features vintage pink appliances.
  • The furniture it requires is mod and color choices are bold.
  • The backyard holds greenery and wide space. It is actually where the parties take place.
  • A pink shaded Cadillac standing outside the home to give a touchup of 90’s.

design homes

Mike Tyson’s Ohio Mansion – Design House

Covering the 58-acre of land, in the sites of southeast at Cleveland, we see a mansion. It belongs to the greatest champ of all time, Mike Tyson.

The mansion covers the size of about 19,000 square feet.

The entire mansion pays tribute to all the glories, Mike has been a part of. There are a plenty of features which show Mike’s success. His name is also embossed on the gate.

Take this trend as a learning point and display your name in the interior of the house to complement yourself. Go ahead and design homes with this concept, you wouldn’t regret it for sure.

Read more on Business Insider:

design house

Features of this designer homes

  • The mansion contains an iron gate, having Mike’s full name on it.
  • There is an indoor swimming pool.
  • The swimming pool is made with a shape of a boxing glove.

A special New York Home – Exceptional Design House

A new sort of house has been designed in New York. The design is reflecting 1850s trend of house which was made by Anne Maxwell Foster.

The trend is however being reborn, and taking shape as a modern design.

modern design


Features of this design

  • Schumacher velvet is used to make the sofa which is placed inside the living-room sofa.
  • Flower vase contains vibrant pincushion Protea flowers which is kept on side tables.
  • In kitchens, the white cabinetries are attached on walls.
  • The material of cabinets is brass.
  • Although it is being turned into a modern design, but it was given by Maxwell Foster. So, Foster’s portrait has been attached alongside the stairs. This is to pay the tribute to Foster for placing such an outstanding design to us.

Kate Spade’s design house for her New York Apartment

Apartment composes extraordinary paintings, outstanding art which are displayed in the house from floor site to ceilings. Some of the portraits are designed by designer’s daughter herself.

designer homes

Kate states, “I feel like she deserves as much credit in this room, so I wanted her work to feel important.”

One of her arts that Kate appreciated is the one in which she kept cigarette cases alongside the tables all over the house. Kate claimed, “We don’t use them. I just think they look pretty,”

Take a look at this link to admire Kate’s apartment visually;

Jonathan Scott wants to change the entire outlook of your Bedroom

Jonathan Scott, a popular carpenter wants to change the look of your interior furniture. His aim is for people to switch into new era designs. So, he wants to provide a few tips to his followers. Practice them and change the entire outlook of your bedroom for good.

design house

Texture of his bedroom design

  • He doesn’t want you to put any extra products as your interior furniture, inside the bedroom. He explains, “Bed-rooms should all about relaxations”.
  • To save you from spending big dollars for decorating bedrooms, he advices, “Use stunning wall-papers and glue them on walls. They are going to work absolutely amazing!”
  • Psychologists state, “Red creates a hostile environment, therefore it isn’t a suitable color for your bedroom.” Considering this statement, Scott advices to not go for red shades as your bedroom wall-color.

designer homes


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