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The Best Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps is a fashion in holistic community, and gradually have become popular universally.

They are the best salt lamps you can ever have— rocks of rosy red salt from the world's most rocky area, that have been shaped out to place in the center as a light bulb or warmth lamp.

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Vendors of spa and fitness accessories claim that the certified Himalayan lamps purify the air of electromagnetics, oxygenate the brain, decrease mood disorders and mend the immune system. Followers claim that these lamps labor in two ways:

  • They draw allergens and impurities from the air to their surface and then produce negative ions.
  • They're nice-looking. It would be striking to have it on your bedside table.

Himalayan Salt Lamps have hygroscopic salt crystals stimulated by the heat of a light bulb. Salt crystals firstly captivate water molecules, with all the dust and smoke from the air. While heating, the Himalayan rock salt discharges negative ions that diminish electromagnetic ad slight radioactive matters from the air. These Himalayan ionic crystal natural lamp gives very noticeable results like serene sleep, reduced asthma or breathing complaints, abridged allergies, and anxiety free atmosphere.

Therefore, the Himalayan salt lamps are best salt lamps and a regular and comforting cleanser of air for your home.

What Is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Himalayan salt lamps are fundamentally wedges of rock salt mined from the great Himalayas, classically in Pakistan from Khwera at the western side. They are the single one birthplace of real Himalayan pink salt. The salt crystal is scooped out to let a space for a light bulb or a heating component. When they are turned on, they provide a soft and reddish glow.

How Does It Work?

Salt is hygroscopic, which means it appeals water molecules to its surface. This water in air carries indoor air pollutants like bacteria and allergens. When the water vapor comes in contact with the best salt lamp, the impurities continue to be imprisoned in the salt. Meanwhile, the lamp is heated; the salt parches out and is capable to endure the cycle of inviting water vapor, freeing the water vapor back into the air but holding on to the harmful impurities.

Only viewing at the glow of a salt lamp can be soothing, which is healing itself, but what are the other fitness claims? Though, there is a decent reason to trust that a genuine salt lamp provides health assistance.

According to a Lung Institute, salt contains the following health properties:

  • Antiseptic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Releases unnecessary mucus
  • Removes airborne pathogens
  • Decreases immune system oversensitivity

Aids of Salt Lamp

1. Air Purification

First of all, air purification is the essential goal for most buyers. According to research, the key element of air pollution is ozone, which is connected to outer air. A salt lamp is capable to effortlessly attract water vapor to it. When the water molecules hit the warm lamp, the salt traps the contaminants but discharges the water vapor. So, by eradicating pollutants from the air, the salt lamp gives you cleaner and healthier air.

2. The decrease in Electromagnetic Radiation

Electronics around us like cell phone, computer and television release electromagnetic radiation that is harmful positive ions. This electromagnetic radiation causes serious long-term and unhealthy effects e.g. Fatigue, increase stress and fade the immune system.

The best way to increase contact with negative ions is to devote more time in nature, particularly around water. Salt lamps discharge negative ions and revoke out positive ones.

3. Eases Asthma and Allergy Symptoms

Used as inhalers to carry relief to asthma and allergy. Many clinical studies have established very inspiring salt therapy benefits like:

  • 85 % of moderate asthma cases
  • 75 % of severe asthma cases
  • 97 % of chronic bronchitis and cystic fibrosis cases

4. Mood enhancer and Sleep Supporter

Himalayan salt lamp helps in reduction of anxiety indications. The heartfelt pinkish to orange glow of the salt lamp is a soothing and cheerful occurrence in a room. Additionally, it gives off negative ions like a waterfall. They can help decrease anxiety and also boost a comforting atmosphere for sleep

How to know a Real vs. Fake Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you want to make sure you select the best option likely. There are numerous ways to tell if you have a salt lamp that is the real one. Awkwardly, some of these features will only be known to you if you read the reviews very wisely. So, hang on….

1. Bad Return Policy

Real Himalayan salt lamps are made of salt so they’re breakable kinds of stuff. A good producer knows this and has flexible return policies. Fake sellers have known not to certificate any returns because they know they’re not providing you the genuine one.

2. Highly Durable

Once you have one, you need to be cautious not to put it into other solid objects because the salt crystal is so fragile and can be broken very easily. So, if your salt lamp is not broken by a smash, it could be a fraud.

3. Too much Bright Light

If all you’re considering for a bright light cause, a salt lamp is not the way to have. Because it has the high content of many minerals, a Himalayan salt lamp provides off a light in a soft way. A real salt lamp does not give sufficient light to wholly illuminate a room. If it does, then it’s not the real contract.

4. Low-priced White Crystal

The salt lamp gives off a warm rose-pink or orange shade. White Himalayan salt lamp exists, but it’s exceedingly uncommon and a lot pricier than the colored ones. So, if you treasure a white salt crystal lamp that’s not significantly expensive than the pink versions, that’s a fraudulent one.

5. Not Mentioning Pakistan

Profound secretive mines in Khewra, Pakistan, are the only source of real Himalayan pink salt. You can ask the lamp’s manufacturer about the salt’s source, keeping in mind the country of origin.

6. Wetness Resistant

By its characteristic nature, salt is an absorber of water. A true salt lamp is likely to some perspiring when unprotected to moistness.

7. Not Experiencing Any Benefits

If you’re definite that you take on board the suitably sized salt lamp for space you’re consuming it in and you’ve been showing to it on a consistent basis and don’t see any optimistic effects, then you are not having a real Himalayan salt lamp.

Why Himalayan Salt Is Good for You?

Himalayan pink salt is an exceptionally pure, hand-mined from primeval sea salt deposits in the Punjab region of Pakistan. It’s alleged to be the cleanest form of salt accessible. As a pink salt, Himalayan salt is ridiculously rich in iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium and copper. All these nutrients give Himalayan salt its beautiful pink color.

When consumed, the real Himalayan salt will:

  • Make sipping water alkaline
  • Deliver essential minerals and trace minerals
  • Balance the body’s pH
  • Regulate metabolic functions
  • Be eagerly absorbed by your body’s cells
  • Rises energy flow and circulation

The benefits of salt lamps are incomparable. They improve your health, boost your mood, motivate and inspires you, it helps to balance positive and negative ions in your physical body. It is an add-on in your drawing room and bedroom interior. In the drawing room, it can be used as an ornamental accessory and in your bedroom, it helps you to get better sleep. Its exceptional relieving light effects not only give comfort to your eyes but also inspire you internally relief in trees, anxiety, a pressure of whole hectic day, just vanishes away when you lit up your favorite Himalayan salt lamp.

Author's pick

Following are some best options you can have. Once you have any of it, you can wholeheartedly enjoy all the blissfulness of Himalayan salt lamp. All best salt lamps mentioned below are not only certified Himalayan lamps but also Himalayan ionic crystal natural lamp.

This is one of the best and stylish products available on Amazon. That not only benefits you in a healthy way but also increase the beauty of your home. Its feature is below:

  • The nice glass is easy to clean, no rusted gives long service time.
  • Dimmer switch makes the Himalayan salt lamp more interesting.
  • The crystals come from the deep concealed mines in Himalayan Mountains, it is the uncontaminated form of salt.
  • Release a number of negative ions to counter to the electromagnetic radiation formed by Electronics, Also REMOVEs the smoke, foul smell, dust nits in the air.
  • The best gift For all the persons you love, Soft light to support a relaxed environment
  • Ideal for Bedside table, Study, Coffee table, Work desk, Offices, Living room, Dining rooms etc

This lamp is hand craved and high in quality. The best option you can avail at the right time of need. Some of its features are as follow:

  • Extracted from high purity of crystal salts from Himalayan Mountain, handcraft for elegant decoration.
  • Keeping discharging negative ions to grip dust and filter the air.
  • Emits an electromagnetic wave after light up, certainly adjust and overpower high-frequency electromagnet wave produced by an electric appliance.
  • Contribute to ease your mind and dismiss stress.
  • Wipe it with a dry cloth for cleaning and light it up.

Below are some of the main features of this adorable and safest Himalayan lamp

  • Unique, asymmetrical external looks pink. When lit with the 15-watt bulb in it,
  • It provides a warm amber glow.
  • Better than other wooden ingredients sold in the market. One of the most constant structure material for furniture. Corrosion-resistant and chains you a protracted service life
  • Illuminates your room with a warm and relaxing amber glow.
  • 1 Year Warranty, 2 extra spare bulbs comprised the replacement bulb.
  • Pure, Authentic and professionally hand carved Himalayan rock salt from Pakistan.

Main features:

  • This salt lamp is handmade from salt crystals, set alight with the 15 watts bulb in it, gives a warm orangey glimmering
  • The best gift.
  • Comes with 100% Natural Neem Wooden base, Naturally Antiseptic and more durable.
  • Ensures Safety and Quality. It comes with a light bulb, 6.6 ft cord and original dimmer switch to change brightness. This lamp is the safest Himalayan lamp you can ever have in your collections.

It's unique because it has the solid base of neem wood. The Main features are below:

  • They are Imported.
  • Soo natural Himalayan Salt Lamp
  • Calming & healthy, air purifier from Himalaya, Illumines your room with warmth & comforting glow. Himalayan salt lamp discharges negative ions to produce an ionizing result.
  • Best gift for birthdays, anniversary and extraordinary occasions.
  • Suitable for the coffee table, bed-side table, desk, yoga spaces, or as a nightlight. The dimmer control lets you regulate the intensity of the glow.
  • Pink diamonds salt lamp with the wooden base, perfect home adornments.
  • Discharges negative ions that combat against electromagnetic radiation when heated, support you sleep better and rouse restored in the morning.
  • High quality and trustworthy salt lamp bulb
  • 12 months warranty


At this moment, you now know all main and foremost health benefits of the Himalayan rock salt lamp. You know how it works and how it can improve your mental and physical health. And you also know the tips to detect a genuine one and how to avoid a fake one, also the list of the some best salt lamps and certified Himalayan lamp. Now you are ready to step into the market to have the best salt lamp for you according to your needs.

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