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Best led grow lights 2018

Surely, the best led grow lights 2018 make it possible to have a fruitful grow. You just need best led grow lights. It guarantees that the light inside is reflected off the tent material, which is a real advantage. Also, when you desire to grow in complete darkness, you just have to keep the light off inside. Your plants stay warm, irrespective of the weather conditions outside the tent.

But just keep in mind that cheap led grow lights work or may not work so avoid saving money here.

How Best LED Grow Lights Work?


Plants have an affinity to captivate more blue light than other colors like white or green; hereafter, the UV rays are best to persuade dynamic plant growth, while the infrared rays are best substances for sprouting and budding improvement.

When your plants are in the vegetative phase, using UV rays would upsurge the cell division when the plants grip the rays. Because of the increase in cell division, the plants grow quickly so best led grow lights for vegetables gives you more production in the result. An LED grow light has a varied range of wavelength selection in it, so you can regulate according to your need.

Cautions whiles using best led grow lights 2018

Below information is very helpful not only for the grower but also for the beginners. Always stay cautious about following points if you want to grow healthy plants.

  1. High temperature

The plant is winning too much heat if the leaves of the plants are closest to the light start. They start turning brown. First, there would be thin outlines on the outside of the leaves, so if you notice this swiftly you can evade further damage. Also when leaves start curling up, it is a sign that the plant is too close to the light.

  1. Inadequate Lighting

It important to think about the number of plants you’re growing and the number of LED lights you’ll need to light them appropriately. Normally, a 200W LED light is sufficient for a crop of about 100 grams. Make sure that you are providing sufficient lighting to plants.

  1. Improper Distance

Except for overheating or insufficient lighting improper distance from lights is also a problem for plants. There is no worldwide rule for the site the distance but it’s endorsed that LEDs are placed 12 to 18 inches far from the plants.

  1. Using Second-rate Products


Light is the most dynamic factor while growing because it activates the photosynthesis. If you’re using consistent incandescent lights, you cannot grow strong and vigorous plants. Thus, for best results, use full spectrum LED grow lights.

  1. Wrong Light Spectrum

For the efficient growth of plants, they need different types of light for every growth stage. By full-spectrum LED lights this is effortlessly attainable, but if you choose the wrong setting, the plant will not grow healthy.

  1. Using the Wrong Light Schedule

You must be cautious not to leave the lights on all the time, or eviler, the reverse forgetting to turn them on. It might sound unimportant but it’s fairly easy to muddle up the light schedule and have a negative impact on the plant’s growth.


Best led grow lights 2018 are vibrant apparatus that every ambitious grower must have. Though they are cool to use and set up, you should choose the best led grow lights to protect yourself from annoyances.

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