Best Late Night Restaurants For Night Owls

Late night restaurants are there for you when hunger pranks start at 3 AM in the morning and when there is nothing good in the fridge. Even though the Fast food drive through are always open but they are busy.

Moreover, you might want not to eat fast food everyday. You  want to eat something different such as Continental, Chinese or Thai. Now with the more choices of restaurants, you can easily dine in your favorite place at midnight.

late night restaurantsHere is the list of all the late night restaurants, which remain open until late night. You can choose your favorite food and have an amazing day out, oh I mean a night out.

Late Night Restaurants

Following are the best late night restaurants:

1- Second Street American Bistro

In March 1985, the two brothers John and Qiao grew up in Williamsburg and took over the second street restaurant. Today, twenty-five years later they are having the same moto, just like when they first started serving their customers.

In 2007, the second street experienced “extreme make-up” and changed its look to a modern Bistro restaurant. From the rich and vibrant decor, the restaurant on the terrace is now equipped with a fire pit, pond pool and relaxing water to create an upscale, casual and comfortable atmosphere for the guests.

Awards of Excellence

2010, 2011 and 2012 Second Street was the proud winner of Wine Spectator magazine’s award-winning. This award was from one of the world’s leading wine authorities. A bar is now offering quality wines, attracting a wide range of wine lovers.

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Although many things have changed over the years, they hope that your experience at the second street of Bistro in the United States will welcome, relax and show you the warm hospitality of the South. So sit down, relax and enjoy your favorite food and drink.


The philosophy of this restaurant is to give the best quality food to the consumers and satisfy them at all cost.The best thing is that they have their food till the sun comes out. You can eat and stay in the bar till the lights go out.

Most Americans drink at the bar late night, that’s  why the restaurant provides the groovy bar with a dance floor. Now you can now stay up all night and enjoy there. This is one of the most top rated among late night restaurants.

2- Fin Seafood

Best Late Night Restauranst

Fin’s is the best place for people who are lazy and love seafood. This is a theme based place to dine-in. The Chef Charlie brings a restaurant to life. He brought wealth to the restaurant by adding the magical touch of his hands to the food.

Charlie has specialized in making the seafood dishes, he got his masters degree from a recognized institute and now that degree is enough to attract customers to Fin’s.

From special occasions and business meetings to simple “night” FIN are the best place and every wine lovers dream, offering an unforgettable dining experience. The courtyard features one of Hampton’s most beautiful and quiet outdoor dining areas.

The complete menu is for outdoor dining, and each item can be easily matched with handmade wines! The splendid lanterns, sturdy teak furnishings, spacious awnings, and heaters can extend the spring and autumn, outdoor dining look, which can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Food At Fins’s Bar

The FIN Bar is an exciting meeting place for locals and tourists, with a constantly changing list of seafood, produced by our professional cook. The FIN Bar offers snacks and tasting wines on Tuesday, occasional live entertainment and many other activities.

In addition to the full menu, special bar menus are available throughout the day and feature snacks and wines on Monday. Mr.Sloan works within each region to pick an exclusive wine list to complement the menu and meet the preferences of all wine lovers.

The wine is the main part of the FIN dining experience. The wine list has more than 100 different labels from around the world. Each has been carefully selected to supplement the menu. FIN wine list style and price as diverse.

The late-night menu of this restaurant is outstanding. Midnight deals are available for night owls. You can grab anything you like from the late night menu.

3- Cheddar’s

Late night restaurants

Cheddar’s is another exotic place to eat for night owls. The late-night dining at Cheddar’s is worth spending your time and money. The Cheddar’s is famous for the tasty cheese but honestly, their burgers are on top of the list.

Cheddar’s Kitchen is made since 1979, it has been generously serving food that is fresh and tender. Founders Aubrey Good and Doug Rogers believe that when a meal is cooked the ingredients should be fresh. It not only tastes better and makes you feel good!

The use of high-quality raw materials and time spent in the kitchen to prepare is worth it. This is the right way, not the simple way.

Cheddar’s Kitchen offers food from the start of the day to end of the night. Enjoy the smoked tendons, hand-blown rustic fried chicken, hamburgers and homemade onion rings.

Food at Cheddar’s.

Foodies do not only enjoy eating food but they also wish to see how their favorite food is made. Wouldn’t you like to see how do they grill the tasty beef patty and how pasta sauce is poured over your salad? Whether it’s when you taste one of your favorite dishes or try new exciting flavors, you will feel that food is the focus of the smile on your face.

In Cheddar’s Kitchen, there is in-house made of fresh salsa, to fingers licking homemade chicken puddings, start from the whole ingredient and carefully prepare each item. This is the way food should be prepared – the right way, not the simple way. Because when it is cooked the right way, it simply tastes better.

They fry chicken to grill and prepare from scratch. From the moment you enter, until you leave, you will get wonderful service, delicious food, and family-friendly experience.

4- Travinia Italian Kitchen And Wine Bar

late night restaurants

As much as the name explains, you will find all in one at Travinia’s Kitchen. The name suggests pretty much all. The food provided is Italian, however other cuisines are also included.

Italian and wine bar lovers can enjoy handmade dishes for lunch and dinner, as a result of the taste of various ingredients and the freshness of the passion. Here guests are looking forward to a wide variety of contemporary American Italian cuisine, a rich gluten-free menu, an impressive selection of wines, as well as a cozy, rustic atmosphere, and our impeccable desire.

Food At Travinia

Travinia Italian Kitchen is a popular lunchtime, suitable for business partners, shoppers or friends if you are looking for a relaxing dining experience.

Lunch choices are always healthy and satisfying. Did I mention “fresh”? Fresh handmade sauce, dipped sauce and dressings made every day. Offering homemade soups, salads, wraps, and surprisingly delicious handmade pizza, pasta, and our label Crab cake Travinia. The kitchen is open all night!


Let us come straight to the point where we started. So it is the bar which all of us love, the best place to be at after hours.You can choose from the wide range of drinks and light food from the menu.All types of wines, beer and vodka are available.

5- Tucanos Brazilian Grill

another late night restaurant

As the name suggests, Brazilian grill. It provides all the food from the Brazilian menu. It is one of the most recommended restaurants in late-night restaurants list. The food is mix also it includes late night bar, providing best services throughout their years of excellence.

Tacos are Mexican, generally. And this grill has one of the best tacos with a handful of sauces.

Food At Tucanos Brazilian Grill

Salad Festival features Brazilian and American features, offering unique tastes, texture and color fusion. Festive options include Tucanos House salad, palm, shrimp, seasonal fruit selection, fresh mozzarella, quail eggs and many other items.

Salad Festival can also choose experienced rice, spaghetti, potatoes, beans, traditional black bean stew and freshly prepared soup including lobster pies. Add new salad selections to ensure freshness and diversity.

Your server will provide you with Tucanos Cue to guide your server. When placed on the table, the green side of our entrée server shows you want more options to bring your plate.

If you want to pause or complete your entrée service, turn Tucanos Cue to red. A fresh and rich salad festival, accompanied by all the tukano dishes. Come Today to enjoy the tradition of Tucanos.

Food At Tucanos

Come to Tucanos Brazilian barbecue restaurant, where there are a rich taste and heritage of the dining experience waiting for your visit. Brazilian barbecue tradition or CHURRASCO (shoes – Haas) is the fusion of South American and European cultures.

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From the grasslands of Barbados or Brazil to the glittering beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Tukanos now extends this festival tradition to you. In Tukanos, meat and vegetables are carefully selected to ensure that only the freshest cuisine is provided.

Our meat is seasoned with elegance and cooked on a barbecue kebab. Then bring the string to the table and cut the hot part into a plate. You can choose different tastes and cuts as needed.

6- Sunrise Pizzeria

Just as good as the name is and how much you love pizza is totally depended on this place. All other late night restaurants are flop especially if you are a pizza lover.

Late Night Restaurants (Pizzeria)

The only place to find a love of your life at 3 AM in the morning is to come to Sunrise pizzeria and eat until you lose it.

About Sunrise Pizzeria

The sunrise pizza is a family restaurant, they are proud to offer consistent special products at a reasonable price.

In each of one of the late night restaurants, offering quality food at a reasonable price. When you visit any of late night restaurants, you can not only enjoy the massive food taste but also enjoy the quick service even late night.
Customers are not only filled with stomach, but also with the smile on their face.

Food At Sunrise Pizzeria

They serve pizza, pasta, salads along with healthy drinks. The pizza has the quality ingredients and the salads are freshly made in front of your eyes. Drinks have amazing colors and varieties of fruits to choose from.

The above mentioned late night restaurants remained open until late at night. They are best to dine-out. Do you have any experience of dining at any of these restaurants? How was your experience….do share with us in the comment section given below. Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to share.

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