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The Beginner’s Guide about All Types of Yoga: Evolution Yoga

The term “Evolution Yoga” refers to the fact that you’re supposed to carry with yoga gradually. Evolution Yoga means to practice yoga step by step with small and easy exercises in the beginning.

Starting up with yoga can be difficult for you, when you don’t have the idea about which yoga workouts should you be going for. The array of options about various yoga exercises can scare the newbies off.

Yoga exercises vary from type to type. Ashtanga, Lyengar, Vinyasa and etc, there are multiple types of it.



Nikki Vilella, a senior yoga teacher at Kula Yoga Project states, “Try a few different studios, teachers and styles of yoga. Then, stick with the one that resonates with you for a good amount of time and be dedicated to the practice,”

Here take a look at our “Evolution Yoga” guide, and get started;

Hatha: Evolution Yoga guide

Hatha exercise is termed as gentle yoga exercise. It gives a perfect beginning start to your yoga. It requires you to hold your breath, each time you pose for the exercise.

“It’s a practice of the body, a physical practice that balances these two energies. So, in reality, it is all hatha yoga,” Vilella states.

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Some steps of Hatha Yoga

  • Stand straight on your tiptoe. Start to shake the body. Now, turn your body around. While doing this, massage your entire body lightly.
  • Put your head down, and bow forward. Put the hands at the place of your knees. Your knees should be raised slightly. Now, move the feet slowly.
  • Sit down and pull your one knee towards your chest while keeping the other leg straight on the ground. Feel your feet and relax.

Here is the internal link to Full Hatha Yoga exercises guide: http://www.wikihow.com/Do-Creative-Hatha-Yoga

Best for: It is a slow pace yoga workout. Therefore it is best for the beginners.

Vinyasa – Amazing yoga for intensive exercisers

It is one of the amazing yoga exercises for intensive exercisers. In this, you would not be staying in constant pose for a very long time. It requires a multiple quantity of poses and each one of them ends quickly.

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Some steps of Vinyasa Yoga

  • Be on the ground, in the push-up position. Stay that way and balance the energy between the front and back side of your body. Keep yourself stiffened and balanced, just like being in a plank pose.
  • Breathe in and as you exhale out the air, go downwards in the forward direction.
  • As you inhale the air again, straighten your arms. Pull your shoulders and face upwards, keeping the legs and feet on the ground.

Here is the internal link to Full Vinyasa amazing yoga guide: https://breakingmuscle.com/yoga/how-to-do-a-safe-and-proper-vinyasa

Best for: This one is absolutely for the intense exercisers. This exercise carries the fast pace steps. Athletes are often involved in doing Vinyasa for increasing their internal toughness.

Ashtanga: Evolution Yoga guide

After you make a habit of doing yoga, practice Ashtanga. It is sort of a challenging yoga approach for both yoga girls and boys. It has about six similar poses and with each pose, your goal is to exhale the internal heat so you feel relax.

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Checkout this video to learn Ashtanga Yoga:


Best for: It is for first-class yoga perfectionists. Because it holds strict guidelines, only the hard-workers yoga girls or boys get along with this yoga practice.

Bikram: Evolution Yoga guide

For practicing Bikram, you need to have a temperature of about 105 degrees. There should be 40 percent humidity in the room. The sequence of exercises goes along up to 90 minutes.

It has a series of about 26 poses along with a couple of breathing exercises. If you’re new to Bikram yoga, don’t go hard on yourself. If you feel like having a rest in between the workouts, take it.


Take a look at this link to guide yourself fully about Bikram Yoga.

Best for: Bikram Yoga carries a procedure of predictable sequence. Therefore, it is perfect for Amateurs. It is for the ones who are absolutely new to yoga.

Hot Yoga: Evolution Yoga guide

It is hot mountain yoga and requires warm atmosphere. It is similar to Bikram because it also consists of 26-poses. The reason to why it requires heated atmosphere is to produce heat in your body. As much the body would be warmer, the more flexibly you would do the poses.

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It would get easier to overstretch the body. A special term for it is “mountain yoga” because it is also done on hot mountainous regions.

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Follow this link to get a full guide of Hota Yoga: http://www.cheatsheet.com/life/namaste-10-tips-to-prepare-for-your-first-hot-yoga-class.html/?a=viewall

Best for: If you feel like doing an exercise which leaves you drench, go for this one. It has multiple benefits and increases your sta

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