3rd Oct

How to Small Grow Tent Set UP

Everyone who loves doing gardening, especially secretly or not letting anyone involved in their hobby need small grow tent. Not only a small grow tent kit they need but also they must know small grow tent set up. And if somebody out there doesn’t we are here to help you. In below article, I have tried to tell you everything you may need to know for small grow tent set up. So let’s start…

Method of small grow tent set up

First, note down the things you must need….


1.) Clear Space and Put Tent Together

Afore getting in progress, make sure you’ve freed an afternoon to devote. Clean up space where you will be constructing your tent. Make assured to put together your tent at its final endpoint.

2.) Dangle Grow Light

The best way to hang your grow light is by means of rope notches; they are low-cost and stress-free to set up. Rope notches make it extremely simple to regulate your lights at any time without the casual of falling the light on your plants. Otherwise, make sure whatsoever you use to save the lights, can knob at least twice the amount of your light.

3.) Hang Exhaust Fan

To make an effective exhaust system is to dangle your exhaust fan inside the tent. This meaningfully quiets the sound of the fan in running, and leases you produce a moderately straight path from your light to the fan for supreme rotation and airflow. Usage of strong nylon rope to hang your exhaust fan inside the grow tent to affectedly decrease sound and vibration.

If you’re spending a grow light that has an air-cooled cover that covers all the heat, like several MH or HPS grow lights, you can attach the exhaust fan to the cover directly for ultra-efficient cooling.

For the best outcomes, make sure there is an approach for fresh air to get in. Certain growers eliminate the covers totally, but that raises the chance the light will escape into the tent.

To get improved airflow without light seepages, you can create a tiny “window” or light trap facing down to let air through.

4.) Connect Carbon Filter – No Smells!

Though various grower doesn’t use a carbon filter, they can involuntarily be building a track that hints straight to their growing. Carbon filters guarantee there are no odors. Fair like the exhaust fan, hang your carbon filter with rope ratchets because a carbon filter is unexpectedly heavy and rope ratchets sort it a lot stress-free to make Small-Grow-Tent-Set-Upalterations. Planters frequently hang a carbon filter in the back of the tent so it’s less in the way.

5.) Sound, Secrecy and Security Check

Your grow tent should now be set up, and now it’s just a matter of verifying the whole thing and adding your shrubberies!

Sound Check

You can affectedly decrease the sound of fans by hanging them as opposed to allowing them to sit on something. Keeping fans clean will also sort them as effective as possible while thwarting sounds from emerging.

Light & Smell Check

Just make definite no light or odors will make it outer the tent. After the small grow tent set up, turn on your grow light and exhaust fan for a day to investigate out your new space.

Safety Check

Finally, take an upright look everywhere inside the tent. The whole thing should be secure. Make guaranteed that any electronics are of the earth (power strips, stabilizers, cables) just in situation there’s ever a water leak.


So, now you small grow tent set up is ready… enjoy your mini grow tent and start growing.

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